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So the seasons are changing, cooler climates and wetter weather is upon us, and suddenly we are noticing the odd scratching noise from our wall or ceiling? behind the fridge maybe? or even seen a mouse scatter across the kitchen floor?

It is the time of year for rodents to seek better accommodation, by the means of a warmer and dryer area to nest, and easier access to quality food, which means somewhere hidden in a wall or ceiling, likely near your kitchen.

Whilst keeping a tidy household will definitely assist in reducing the risk of infestation, rats and mice can be very industrious in their attempts to source food, and can fit in the most impossible of places.

As I had all of the above ailments of rodents in both my walls and ceilings I called a technician from TomsPestControl who came and inspected my property and also found evidence of them in my shed.  He explained the best way for rat and mouse control is to treat with multiple bait stations, which means other pets and animals cannot access the chemical.

The technician installed bait stations discretely in all affected areas with a product that causes the rodents to seek water as to get them out of your walls and ceilings before they die.  This means that you can be assured that they do not create a bad dead animal smell from the walls of your home for the next month or so.

This is my first encounter with TomsPestControl company and I was extremely happy with them.

And then there was also that situation… Waking up to bedbug bites is anyone’s worst nightmare, to find you have your children covered also can just bring chaos to any household.  From irritable sleep to the sometimes ghastly bite patterns that can appear anywhere on the body, bud bugs are a common number one in annoying and difficult to treat pests around Australia.

As they can be transferred in a multiple of ways such as clothing, sleeping bags, pillows, or even on pets, it is hard to predict an infestation.  What we do know is that once they are present they can become hard to treat if you do not get on top of them straight away.

TomsPestControl recommend how to get rid of bed bugs is to be very thorough with your treatments, they can hide and lay their eggs in the smallest of cracks, seams, or spaces, whether it be curtains, mattresses, and sofas or your carpet, bed bugs often require multiple treatments before you can get on top of them which is why I was very pleased with their three month warranty that they offered me.

Now I might already be a bit biased but they did their job perfectly and I can safely say that TomsPestControl is Brisbane`s best pest control company and I can’t recommend them enough. Fast, polite, efficient and not overpriced they are your best bet against the annoying pests.

I hope I have managed to help I have managed to help someone out.

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