5 Ways Spending Time in Nature Enhances Creativity

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Torrington is a small city in Connecticut with a population of about 35,000 people. Hidden in the northwest corner of the state, the town doesn’t have large corporations or plants and is thought to have a poverty rate of 10 percent. The economy of Torrington employs 17,858 people, mainly in retail, manufacturing, and construction.

No startup neighborhoods. No large business centers. Real estate taxes are among the highest in the U.S, plus the state also imposes a luxury tax, gift tax, and numerous others.

Despite that, the town of Torrington has one of America’s largest millionaire population of 8.3 percent. This incredible stat makes this small city truly unique, but what is so attractive about it that makes all these wealthy individuals so interested in buying property there?

A Place to Recharge

As you probably guessed by now, one of the reasons is nature. It makes Torrington and the entire Litchfield county truly picturesque, and a perfect getaway for people living in New York and other large cities in the tri-state area.

In 2016, Christina Perez, a Vogue reporter, wrote a great article on the Litchfield County, calling it “a favorite for creatives looking to recharge.” She explained her choice by quoting a resident who recently bought a house there:

“There’s something for everyone: art galleries, outdoor activities, shopping, great food. With its covered bridges, forests, and rivers, the scenery is gorgeous. In fact, every season challenges the next for which is more beautiful.”

But how exactly does nature “recharge” our creativity?

  1. Nature Activates Imagination

Our imagination framework – areas of the brain responsible for creativity – is activated when we are not focused on anything specific and allowing ourselves to wander. It makes it possible to imagine the future, consider a range of viewpoints, and construct new meanings for usual experiences.

Spending time in nature is one of the experiences that activates the imagination framework because it allows us to dip into our ideas and emotions and sort them out. That’s why even the best essay writers experiencing a writer’s block often go to a park to get refreshed because they know that it helps better than anything.

  1. Nature Restores Attention

We live under a weight of demands that create this exhausting pace of life which makes us want to go as far away from the city as possible. For example, the total number of business-related emails sent and received exceeds 281 billion and is projected to grow, which only supports the idea that we’re bombarded by information that makes us lose our attention and get tired quickly.

That’s why so many people are fleeing the cities and moving to suburbs. For example, Brookings analyzed recently released data on population dispersal and found that suburbanization was on the rise, with suburban areas growing much quicker than traditional leaders, the cities.


All those demands take a toll on our brain, and it becomes more difficult to think deeply, create ideas, and even focus. Spending time in nature relaxes our brain because it eliminates all those distractions and demands, thus giving it a much-needed break and a chance to rejuvenate.

Scientific studies support this: one research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, for example, found that a 25-minute walk through a green area boosted cognitive functioning by reducing the excitement and reducing distractions.

  1. Nature Inspires

One of the main reasons people choose to live and visit Torrington is to enjoy its picturesque national parks. The town is home to such beautiful locations as Burr Pond State Park and Sunnybrook State Park, and they are incredibly popular among both locals and tourists.

But what is so inspiring about nature?

Well, first of all, take a look at this gorgeous view of Burr Pond State Park shared by a visitor on TripAdvisor.

And second of all, people tend to lose the feeling of being pressured by time – which we all feel on a daily basis – so they enjoy their experience and slow down. Instead, nature gives us the feeling of time abundance so we can have all the time we need to come up with amazing ideas.

  1. Nature Increases Brain Function

Our brain is able to reach the highest performance levels only if you find a way to reduce both physical and mental fatigue and increase your energy. One excellent way to do that is, of course, spending time in nature.

As it was described above, nature eliminates distractions and demands that we face on work and at home, which allows the brain to restore itself and be ready to brainstorm and produce great ideas.

  1. Nature Reduces Stress

Nature used to be home for us, so being in nature often feels like returning home and enjoying a free life. Natural settings do a great job by lifting mood and releasing tension because they disconnect us from our daily routines and focusing our attention on something that produces positive feelings.

Science also says that nature is a great healer. “Having something pleasant to focus on like trees and greenery helps distract your mind from negative thinking, so your thoughts become less filled with worry,” Harvard Health quoted Dr. Jason Strauss, director of geriatric psychiatry at Harvard-affiliated Cambridge Health Alliance, as saying.

Moreover, calming sounds of nature can reduce the levels of stress hormone and lower blood pressure, thus improving overall well-being, according to the same source.


It’s the nature that attracts people to live in picturesque locations, inspires us, helps us battle stress, and activate our imagination. Remember that the next time you feel like you need to “recharge” your creativity and get some inspiration.

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