5 Ways To Keep Your Feet Healthy

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Taking good care of your feet can maintain your ability to move and stand in comfort. Pain, undesirable odor, and other negative associations with feet are signs that you should take measures to promote foot health. From proper cleaning and care to wearing the right baseball socks and breathable shoes, follow these five tips for healthy feet.


  1. Make Sure Socks and Shoes Fit


Socks and shoes should provide a comfortable fit. Loose socks tend to bunch up and loose shoes are notorious for causing blisters and rubbing on heels. Footwear that is too tight can be uncomfortable and restrict circulation.

Make sure to order the right size of socks for your feet and factor in the thickness when purchasing shoes. Experts recommend wearing shoe one-half size larger than your street size during high-impact athletic activity.


  1. Select Breathable Footwear


Perforated leather shoes or sports shoes with mesh panels promote air circulation. Shoes can only go so far toward supporting foot health. The socks you wear should be made of fast-drying materials such as nylon.

When this footwear is worn with baseball socks that have features such as ProDRI insulation and Alphasan antimicrobial treatment, feet should stay dry and comfortable even during long practice sessions or games.


  1. Protect Your Feet In Public


It is important to protect your feet from fungus and other microbes that lurk on shared surfaces. If you cross-train at a pool or use a communal shower after playing sports, flip flops or other shower shoes are essential to foot health supplies.

While flip flops or other shoes can create a protective layer between the soles of your feet and floors in a pool or gym shower, this footwear does not provide any orthopedic support. Wear casual shoes with socks to keep your feet supported and protected, particularly if you plan to walk any significant distance or stand for a prolonged period of time.


  1. Prevent Ingrown Toenails


The way you cut your toenails can help to lower your risk of developing ingrown nails. Always cut nails straight across. If desired, file down the edges to prevent these parts of the nail from growing into the skin.

Never cut nails too close to the skin line. Wearing shoes and socks that fit is also an important part of preventing the friction that can make ingrown toenails worse. It is a good idea to treat any nail fungus or other issues that arise sooner rather than later.


  1. Stretch Out Your Feet


Stretching and exercising your feet is an important part of comprehensive foot care. There are many effective stretches that involve curling, extending, or splaying the toes. You may also want to go barefoot indoors or outdoors on a regular basis to allow your feet to stretch and take on their natural dimensions.

For a total foot workout, raise your heels, keeping the balls of your feet pressed to the floor, and hold for five seconds. Lower your heels and raise and point your toes so that only the tips of your big toe and second toe touch the floor and hold for five seconds. Finally, raise your heel and curl your toes inward until only the tips make contact with the floor. Repeat this process ten times.

These tips can set you on track toward having healthier feet. The condition of your feet is related to the overall shape of your body. Be sure to always warm-up before exercising and take the time to clean and care for your feet. Investing in breathable baseball socks and quality athletic shoes can help to keep feet blister-free, comfortable and dry during everyday wear, athletic practice, or competitive play.

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