6 Features of Responsive Web Design

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Software that can be easily accessed on different devices and platforms is said to be responsive.

Speed is the mark of modern time and age. No one is willing to compromise their precious time in a world that offers limitless options of technologically advanced products. A website with poor responsiveness will only frustrate its users, who will be experimenting with different browsers and devices to run the desired webpage. They will search for competitive products to switch over to.

A responsive website, on the other hand, will give an enjoyable user experience. This would translate into lower bounce rates and higher traffic which will benefit SEO.

Testing companies offer responsive testing solutions that ensure the responsiveness of websites and applications.

Here are 6 features of responsive web design (RWD) secured by responsive testing solutions:

1. Viewport

A meta viewport tag is inserted in the document head. This gives browser instructions for page dimensions. Attributes like initial-scale, minimum-scale, maximum-scale and user-scalable are set on the viewport. These measures will make the application compatible with multiple devices. For example, using the meta viewport value width = device-width instructs the page to match the screen width.

2. Flexible grids

Responsive design is all about getting rid of a rigid mindset and embracing a flexible one. Thus, a flexible grid puts the page element sizing in relative units like percentages, instead of absolute units like pixels. This relaxed approach is less time consuming as only the size of the major page elements is worked out. You can have a look at various grids tool for responsive website as tools helps to enhance the performance of work like a logo maker tool by Designhill let you create a professional logo for your brand.

3. Navigation menus

A responsive test will check if navigation links are converted to a drop-down menu. It is a good idea to create a hidden menu, which becomes visible after a click. Not all users wish to take advantage of it. By keeping a second menu at a distance from the main menu, the application will keep majority users pleased with its compact focused scope and minority users pleased with a diversity of scope. Place an option for the user to remove the hidden menu entirely.

4. Images

Images are eye-catching and appealing, used widely by websites. It is important to have responsive images. Sizing images in relative units prevents them from displaying outside the element containing them. Fluid images are ones where the image width is linked to the container element width. An img tag is placed within a container tag.

5. CSS media queries

Media queries are filters applied to different CSS styles. CSS style rules are based on the device features the webpage is functioning on. A responsive test inspects CSS media queries.

6. Content

When it comes to a website designing and its responsiveness, one cannot undermine the effect of content. Too little content will miss out details the user requires. Too much of it will make the reading monotonous. Organization of content with headings, subheadings and bullet points will help the user pluck relevant information quickly. A content strategy should be made earlier on alongside the design plan and not be completed as a last-minute job.

Now that you have an awareness of the features of responsive web design, make sure your software has them!

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