Advancements in door technology

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With technology become more advanced by the day, robbers have found new ways to break into your house. There are many different types of burglars you need to watch out for these days.

The most common form of break-ins in 2018? You guessed it, not locking your door at all. This is a very avoidable mistake that many homeowners make that has awful consequences. While not locking your door might not be seen as such a big deal, this is actual the most common form of breaks-ins. With the new advancements in doors, you no longer have to worry about locking your door!

There’s a new type of door with something called a “smart lock” that allows you to forego the need to lock your door at all. These new types of locks allow for your door to lock itself. When you leave your home, it automatically will lock your door as it knows when you leave. Not only that but you can give people temporary passes to enter your door. A common issue is needed to give someone a temporary key such as when you go on vacation. From the click of a button you can unlock your door and let them into your home.

With the more advanced door locks, they include cameras as well. From halfway accross the world you can take a look to see who’s at your front door. These are called “smart doorbells” and allow for the ability to be able to see from anywhere in the world who’s at your doorbell. Even smarter, you have the ability to talk back to whomever is at your door. This is great for warding off intruders. With your smart doorbell, when the intruder comes to your front door to see if you’re home, you have the ability to “pretend” to be home by answering the call and talking directly back to them. These smart door bells area also motion censors that have the ability for you for you to be notified if someone comes to your front door.

With smart door locks with fingerprint sensors, you don’t need to use your mobile phone at all. With these smart door locks, you have the ability to enter your home with just your fingerprint. These are a great option for those who don’t want to answer based on their phones.

Another great benefit of these smart doors is the ability to notify you if someone does enter your house. With the advancements in door technology you never have to worry about leaving your home again. Hire a professional locksmith to get your new door lock installed today.

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