Best Apps for Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry

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A manufacturing company maintains a working process that includes numerous steps from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished goods to the end customers. In the case of some industries, it also contains after-sales service. Managing all of the processes is quite troublesome using a manual or a partially automated system. Though the manufacturing industry is highly automated now a day, it is very challenging for small and medium enterprises to adept technologies.

Here are the best apps that will help you digitize your manufacturing company gradually:

Simple CMMS App

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) allows enterprises to ensure proper maintenance of the equipment. It facilitates to create a work order for required maintenance, assigns individuals who will be responsible, schedule maintenance, follow-up the maintenance log, etc. Proper maintenance of the equipment reduces the chances of a sudden interruption in production. As a result, the lifetime of the equipment increases and you can save a significant amount from investing in buying unplanned spare parts and new equipment.

Values of Simple CMMS App

If you like the idea of having a CMMS app, the very next thing is to understand the benefits of this app. Here are some core values:

1. Increasing Productivity

Think about the process you are maintaining now. In the manual maintenance process paper works takes too much time to find out machine history, or maintenance plan. It’s also not unusual to miss any schedule or task. The Simple CMMS app makes things easier and saves productive hours that increase productivity.

2. Reducing Machine Downtime

Sophisticated analytics and robust reporting systems help to get an overview of the machine status, which allows planning a managed maintenance schedule. Proper maintenance and task management reduce machine downtime.

3. Managing Multiple Sites

The web and mobile application of Simple CMMS will enable you to control the maintenance of multiple locations. You can take decisions having a look at all information about machine maintenance from all locations. Moreover, it facilitates your business activities on the go also.

Safety Assure: Workforce Safety Compliance Suite

A manufacturing company needs to maintain compliance issues properly to ensure the rights of the workers as well as a safe work environment. You can provide a safer workplace without any administrative burden simply using Safety Assure. It enables employees to access the compliance information, log the incidents, and send maintenance alerts to reduce operational costs and legal liability. You can think that implementing Safety Assure is a matter of massive investment, but if you calculate the ROI (Return on Investment), you will be amazed.

Values of Safety Assure

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Safety Assure can contribute to your manufacturing business in many ways like simplified below:

1. Maintaining Compliance Obligations

Compliance covers a vast area of standards to keep the workplace safe from any hazard. It includes health safety, fire safety, environmental safety, and so on. Buyers also seek for the compliance of the manufacturing company. Safety Assure can easily record and maintain all compliance obligations centrally.

2. Reducing Maintenance Cost

Compliance focuses on the maintenance of machines or equipment to reduce the chances of an accident while production is running. Setting a standardized guideline doesn’t lessen the hazard only but also the maintenance cost.

3. Reducing Workplace Injury

Compliance is all about the standard of preventive measures. These reduce the rate of workplace injury and also prevent repeated incidents identifying causes, and tendencies of hazards.

Secret Key for Kronos Users

If you are already using any of Kronos workforce management systems you can integrate a biometric time clock with the existing system. Integrating a biometric time clock, you can boost your productivity significantly. Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should implement a biometric time clock with Kronos:

  • To prevent time theft and buddy punching
  • Seamless Integration and affordable SaaS pricing
  • Desktop and mobile application
  • Creating multiple touchpoints without any hassle

How does it impact your business? Here are the benefits you can extract using a biometric time clock with your workforce management system:

  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces compliance risks
  • Reduces payroll processing time and errors
  • Ensure maximum ROI (Return on Investment)

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