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Learning From Established Professionals


Those managing fleets of trucks need to curtail expenses wherever possible. It’s not just about getting to places on time with needed loads intact. It’s about cutting unnecessary costs from the bottom line, and yet delivering the same level of service. It’s about maintaining a given fleet over time and taking routes that won’t produce a loss of opportunity through repair requirements–the long way around is the shortcut if it saves your fleet thousands of dollars in repair.


Following are several blogs endorsed by industry professionals who understand the bigger picture, and can help you optimize your fleet’s performance on the road. You may be surprised how little things can end up costing you down the line. The question becomes: why “re-invent the wheel” when there is a whole community of like-minded individuals that have already blazed a trail before you? It makes sense to learn from the same resources that have informed them.


Adam from

Cerasis, a North American 3PL focused on over-the-road transportation management solutions for shippers, brings you their award winning and industry-favorite blog. This writing regularly brings readers best practices, trends, news, and tips in the Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation Management, and Freight industries. You can join over 40,000 subscribers to one of the best blogs you’ll find in the Supply Chain Space.


Brad from


Tailwind helps small and mid-sized freight businesses run more effectively by centralizing their customer and vendor data, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, and being the intersection where best-in-class freight technology partners (Mileage, Load Boards, ELDs, etc.) can be managed. Tailwind allows smaller and family-run operations to improve cashflow and profitability, and better compete with the bigger players by providing them with supported and comprehensive ‘all-in-one’ Trucking Software, Freight Broker Software, or a combination of Trucking and Freight Broker Software.


Mandi, TCI Capital:

TCI Business Capital is a leading provider of invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing solutions to companies across North America. Since 1994, companies in transportation, oilfield services, staffing, and many other industries have used TCI Business Capital to meet their cash-flow needs.
At TCI Business Capital, we offer custom factoring lines designed to meet the specific needs of each client. We offer same-day funding on invoices, competitive advance rates, credit services, collections and much more.

We are dedicated to getting our clients paid for the hard work they do. We deliver simple, fast financial solutions which help companies meet their goals and build a lasting business.



Aarni, is a blog and podcast for innovators and game-changers in the construction industry. The author is Aarni Heiskanen; consultant, architect, and construction innovation agent.



Designblendz is an evolving, forward-thinking, collaborative network of individuals that are dedicated to the importance of the “built” environment and its correlation to social patterns, business operations, and global advancement. We strive to exceed client expectations as well as our own. At Designblendz, a full-service design/build firm, our goal is to make your dream into a reality, no matter how unique it is. We love what we do and our passion shines through our work every time. Come see us so we can chat about your next project, and ways in which it can be completely customized your way!


Lott Restaurant Construction is a builder that specializes in the construction of upscale restaurants from conception to opening; with completed projects across the country. Visit our site to learn about our 5 Step Restaurant Construction Process.

See Greater Profit


Maintaining a fleet, even a small one, will cost you tens of thousands of dollars a month, if not daily. It depends on the size of the fleet, of course; but you know there are going to be unpredictable expenses. The best way to overcome them is to optimize your transport operation such that it has some “elasticity”.


A pair of high-dollar slacks don’t have much give. A pair of sweatpants do. But the sweats don’t look good in high society. The solution? High-dollar slacks with an elastic waistband.




Think of information resources like those mentioned here as providers of fleet elasticity. When you can trim out unproductive practices by following the discoveries of others, an emergency won’t constrict your transportation business in an uncomfortable way. What’s more, you don’t have to worry whether the methods you employ will work–they’ve already been tested.


You can be within an area of financial flexibility, and simultaneously maintain your budget with greater reliability. Reliable budgets lead to more predictable, expansive profit. Optimizing in whatever way you can is advisable for any transport agency, and these resources are ideal for helping you do just that.




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