Best Hunter Gifts for the Special Hunter in your Life

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HD Blood Trailing Light by Primos Bloodhunter

For people who do their hunting in the early evening and late afternoon, it is critical to have a blood trailing light to help them find downed animals when it is dark, particularly in a rough country that has thick cover.  This device comes with 600-lumen Cree XM LEDs and an optical filter where select colors are reduced to help with amplifying the blood’s visibility.  The specialized flashing is among our top picks for hunter’s gifts once again this year since most hunters are looking for whatever edge they can get when they are in the dark tracking.

Suunto Traverse

The Suunto Traverse is commended for a number of reasons in its niche and renowned for its accuracy for descents and climbs, as well as its great graphics and great display. It even has a built-in flashlight mode – something a lot of people will find helpful when hunting.

The battery life does cause some concern, however, for its price, it’s a good option and something we can really see as a great gift. You can read more about it in this Suunto Traverse review.

Ozone Gear Bag by Scent Crusher  

The scent is a real bane for a majority of hunters.  Elk, deer and most other animals have much better noses than humans do, since they use their noses all day long, on a daily basis.  The Ozone Gear Bag was recently updated by Scent Crusher.  It destroys odor-causing bacteria and removes scent-causing particles as well.  Here is how this gear bag works: your hunting clothes are placed inside of the bag.  Then you set the time and allow the module pump to produce ozone inside of the bag.  After it is finished, you pull out your gear, and it is free of scent.  It is actually pretty amazing.  However, it gets even better than that.  Quite often hunting clothes are just a bit dirty or dusty and don’t need to completely wash by a washing machine for hunting the next day.  However, there is probably some stick and human sweat on the inside of the clothes, and that is something that won’t be reached by a scent killer.   Rather than washing their hunter clothes, the hunter can just put them inside of the bag for a couple of minutes and they will be fresh and ready to wear for their next hunting excursion.  Incredible.  This works really well during a week-long hunt at the hunting camp.  You just need to have a car charging port, or a My Charge Adventure Ultra battery if you are off of the grid.  We really love the new Realtree Camo model.  The slightly smaller module from Ozone works the best, but the same ozone specs are pumped out by the original and are equally effective.

Deluxe Binocular Strap by Mossy Oak

Once binocular straps are used by a hunter, they will always want to use a chest-strap system from then on, since it is so effective.  There are many binocular strap options that are available.  However, this version from Mossy Oak is one that most hunters will be able to appreciate.  It also makes a fantastic stocking stuffer for the special hunter in your life.  If a hunter hunts in snowy or wet weather or tackles really wild and bushy terrain, then they will need to tuck away their binoculars inside of their shirt or jacket.

Ambush Hunting Blinds

Ambush hunting blinds are a great gift for the hunter that wants to keep things on the down low when hunting for deer or any other animal for that matter. There are a number of different styles, however, a little research should help you decide on the right sort for your recipient.

Firefield Nightfall 5×50 2 Night Vision Monocular

This might be the most unnecessary hunter’s gift.  However, it is one of the coolest ones.  It lets you watch whatever critter happens to be making lots of noise in the dark on the trail on your hike before dawn.  This year we are seeing lots of people interested in Firefield Nightfall’s 2.

The Night Owl 5x Nightvision Monocular is great as well if the Firefield happens to be out of stock.

Rack Mag Deer Call Rattling System by Knight & Hale

For a majority of the world’s hunters, it is difficult to hunt for deer and managing to get a mature buck to make himself visible in the daylight either is being in the right place at just the right time or getting directly into his world and making a rattling noise that sounds like two rival bucks fighting in his territory.  It is an incredible experience when it works.  The best way to do it is to use a pair of antlers that you have already.  The only problem is, real antlers dry out, are poky or look like actual antlers to other hunters out there who may not be as smart as you want them to be.  A rattling system, therefore, makes a great gift for the deer hunter in your life.  The Rack Mag Deer Call Rattling System by Knight & Hale is one we have had really good luck with, and it is a hunting gift favorite every year, no doubt at least partly due to how affordable it is.

Pro Series Hunting Vest by Orvis

This hunting vest from Orvis is ideal for upland game bird hunting.  Whenever you are planning on covering some distance while you are hunting for upland birds and are planning on carrying lots of shotgun shells – and birds hopefully – then you should check out the Pro Series Hunting Vest by Orvis.  It has two pockets for water bottles, meaning you will be able to pack enough water for both your dog and you.  In addition to its striking appearance, the new Orvis hunting vest also features comfortable straps and is contained in 220-square inches f blazing orange for high visibility.  In addition, the kind of strap-based vest is our top pick for hot early-season hunts.  What about when the temperature drops during the fall season?  Well, then you can layer underneath it very easily.

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