Brands Focusing on Social Media Challenges to Get Rid of Boredom and Improve Traffic to Your Site

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COVID 19 is indeed taking the life out of people, globally. The only way to save you from the virus is by staying at home and not getting infected. Well, everything is on a standstill with no entertainment spot open, no restaurants, and nothing. So, people are inclining towards social media these days to get rid of boredom and get a life. Brands are taking the opportunity of this standstill to improve traffic to their sites. That’s why they are inventing some new daily challenges to spend some time and help their customers be active for a change. Participating in these challenges will not only help them get rid of their boredom but can also help customers learn more about the brands and their quirky sides.

Flip The Switch challenge

TikTok is one of the major social media channels these days, with a revolutionizing growth in its fan base. So, most of the challenges are cropping up over here. One such challenge is the “Flip The Switch” challenge. It got inspired by Drake’s “Nonstop” song and became a viral trend on TikTok.

  • Later, this challenge made its way on Instagram and now gaining more and more crowds over here.
  • As per this trend, people are swapping poses, clothes, and even attitudes while the lights are switched off and back on.
  • Some of the more prominent names are even taking this challenge pretty seriously. For example, check out the video clip of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez for a change! Then you have another one of Kate McKinnon and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Try out the Don’t Rush Challenge

If Flip The Switch is not your cup of tea or you want something different, then Don’t Rush Challenge is another one for you to consider. This challenge is made on the backdrop of the song “Don’t Rush.”

  • Here, the participants are seen passing around makeup brushes just like a magic wand to upgrade their looks magically.
  • This is one popular trend, which features some of the police officers from New Orleans. They are passing their hats. This video is highlighting disabled men and women.

The makeup companies can quickly get this trend to work in their favor by addressing new makeup looks, brushes, and color palettes. It is one big way to improve their online beauty world during this COVID pandemic.

A perfect collaboration in TikTok of parent and child

It is not just the youngsters who are getting more into the world of TikTok these days. Even parents are becoming a big part of it, especially as they want to know what their children are up to these days on social media and to prevent social media addiction in their children.

  • As per the trend tracking site, due to lockdown, these trends are becoming way more popular among masses. It is subjected to growth if such conditions prevail.
  • The earlier versions of these trends started with Blinding Lights Challenge, which was posted on March 3, by a TikTok user, @gregdahl7.
  • In this challenge, kids are asked to perform any dance routine with parents to the tune of “Blinding Lights” by the Canadian Musician.
  • This challenge did not take much time to make ways to people’s hearts. Parents are also locked inside their homes and thought of using their free time to create such funny videos.
  • Some videos even saw some parents outshining their kids in this challenge. Even though this trend started in TikTok, right now, it has moved to some other platforms as well, like YouTube and Instagram.

The exciting Getty Museum Challenge

If you think that the challenges mentioned above are the only ones, then think again! Get to know more about some such challenges from One another interesting one revolving around the masses are the Getty Museum Challenge. Getty Museum, located in LA, has started it. Here, the challenge is encouraging their people to hunt through their wardrobes and homes for props to allow them to recreate famous paintings. It is a simple challenge and already making its way right at the top among all the prevalent trends during lockdown 2020.

With social media being at the top of the list right now, people are getting involved in such challenges more than usual. Businesses are not lagging. They are throwing out such challenges to their online fan base and asking them to replicate. If they can, some are even offering prizes after selecting the best one among the lot. Such challenges are helping the brands to interact with their potential customers more and getting them hooked for a long time.

Try out planking for a change

This Planking challenge is relatively old in this group of challenges but has again regained its value because of the lockdown boredom. Planking started in the year 2010. It didn’t take much time for this challenge to fill up the Facebook feed. This term originated in the year 2008 in Australia when a group of friends thought of creating a FB page to share pictures of best planking moments. Right from that time, planking saw significant variations like Owling, Gallon Smashing, and more.

Tomorrow is another one

When compared to the other Tiktok challenges, this one is more cryptic. Here, the posts have this “Until Tomorrow” caption with an embarrassing photo of that person. In case you like the picture, then you are a part of that challenge and have to do the same and post on your newsfeed. For the caption, you have to write “Until Tomorrow” and not write any explanation behind it. This post should remain visible for a minimum of 24 hours.

These challenges are here to stay for a long time now and can bring back some old memories and fun times. So, it doesn’t matter if you can’t meet your friends now. You get the opportunity to take an active part in these challenges besides your friends virtually and have a hearty laugh. It will even help you to overcome the dreadful COVID scenario, together.

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