Dangers at Work – Common Places Endangering People With Asbestos Exposure!

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If you just had your home knocked down thoroughly for the fear of asbestos presence, it’s time you feared a little more! No, we aren’t trying to scare you, but we all know that asbestos was common when we were growing up, and could have made its place in any second building! Inquiring about the same is necessary if you want to be safe and healthy!

Even your workplace, your second home, was one of the buildings that may have used asbestos as an important material in construction and insulation! No surprises here, but even your workplace is as dangerous to you as your home would have been if it contained asbestos in it! After all, you spend a good amount of time here, daily!

Ø  Prominent places where asbestos could be present at your workplace!

Doesn’t matter if you are an employee or you own the commercial building that requires to connect with Asbestos Australia for commercial asbestos removal in Melbourne. The need for a thorough inspection and the removal of asbestos is vital in order to safeguard the workers’ health and well-being. Just in case, you want to be double sure, here are some of the most common places where you can find asbestos in a commercial property:

o Flooring —Be it vinyl or tile, the inexpensive floor options were the most preferred ones during the late eighties and early nineties. These were mixed with asbestos in order to make them more firm and long lasting. There’s almost more than fifty percent chance that your office floors still have these asbestos secured under them and those can be released in the air as soon as the flooring breaks or is renovated.

o Walls — Homes built before this decade had walls insulated with cement boards and asbestos or dry walls to ensure fire safety. Some of the commercial buildings also used it in order to give a decorative edge to the walls. Beware, the wall you’re standing by may have asbestos too!

o Water tanks — Your office would be having an ancient water tank — and you may not even be aware, but it would be having asbestos in it! History shows, asbestos was used largely for the installation of water tanks in various places — and this if left unattended, can cause severe asbestos related diseases through the constant water usage happening in your workplace.

o Ceilings —You are lucky you don’t have roofs in your commercial building, or asbestos would certainly give a sneak peak through a shingle. But, even with a ceiling that’s old enough, you couldn’t be entirely safe! There were Artex commonly used in ceiling construction in the early nineties that did contain white asbestos which again is very dangerous.

o Lift ropes —Though their modern manufacturing with asbestos is banned, but some old lift ropes do contain it as an essential ingredient. This again is harmful to the people around it. Thus, if you find an old lift rope in your company, get it examined ASAP to know the possible dangers attached to it.

These are some places that most probably do contain asbestos. There can be more such areas in your workplace that may have the hazardous component too. Ensure to deal with the matter through a professional help as soon as possible to avoid any danger for the workers in the building!

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