Female “Survival” Outfit Comeback

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Autumn is the great season for bringing back green, gray, black, white and dark brown hues to your wardrobe, so why not think about creating a few survival outfits to help you blend in with the season. This would be especially convenient if you plan on going on road trips, and maybe going camping before the weather becomes really cold because survival outfits will help you stay stylish while still feeling very comfortable and protected.

Military pants are a must

Military pants and a black leather jacket are essential pieces of survival outfits, so make sure you include them into your ensembles. A black or white t-shirt along with a pair of black boots will be the perfect addition to this casual yet highly active outfit. To make room for all the bag essentials, throw on an olive green or black leather backpack and you’re ready to go.

Warm-up with a jacket


When the weather starts to become chilly and a leather jacket or a vest aren’t enough to keep you warm, it’s time to throw on a parka jacket. Weather you go for black, olive green or maybe navy blue, it’ll be the perfect addition to your skinny jeans, a turtleneck and knee-high boots. Keep your hands warm with a pair of leather or wool gloves and add some more hype to your survival outfit.

Go with boyfriend jeans


When it comes to survival outfits, layering can also be a good idea sometimes. Think about wearing a white t-shirt under a long-sleeved plaid shirt and top it all off with an oversized olive green rain coat. Combine a pair of comfortable boyfriend jeans with the rest of the outfit, and your true survival outfit is all set. With a pair of CAT boots and a beanie you’ll be ready for cold weather, and any kind of outdoor activities on your camping trip or survival camp, and you’ll still look awesome.

Pay attention to footwear

When you think about perfect survival footwear, combat boots are certainly a number one choice. They’ll go great with jeans, cargo pants and military pants, and even with a pair of tights. It would be a good idea if you went for footwear that goes above your ankle, so that you can have all the necessary support and protection from sprains and twisting. Black, grey, brown and khaki are all great colors, so feel free to match them in accordance with the rest of your outfit.

Don’t forget accessories


Accessories are what make an outfit striking, so feel free to embellish your ensemble to the max. From silver chain necklaces, to wrist bands, leather bracelets and chokers, the choice is basically endless. A bandana around your neck, or even on your head, can be a great addition to your survival outfit. Wrap it around your head and throw on a cap or a beanie over it, or even just a hood and you’ll look fierce. Leather or wool gloves without fingers will keep your hands warm, but still give you a chance to work with your hands without dropping anything. Don’t forget about scarves, and keep yourself warm and stylish at the same time.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been wanting to change your style a little, and turn to a more comfortable trend, survival outfits should be your cup of tea. From military pants, to boyfriend jeans, plaid shirts, parka jackets and combat boots, survival outfit will keep you warm, but will allow you to stay active as well.

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