How to Deal with the Most Common Eye Problems

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Unfortunately, regardless of how well you look after your eyes, you can still end up having problems with them. That doesn’t mean you should give up taking care of them, of course. It simply suggests that some conditions develop despite all your efforts. For example, most Australians suffer from some long-term eye condition even though most of them have done nothing to cause it. However, we need to know what the most common problems are and what we can do about it in order to treat them properly. That’s why we’ve prepared the following list of most common eye problems.

Refractive errors

Refraction occurs when light passes through the cornea and the lens inside your eye and reaches your retina. Next, the retina sends a message to your brain, which turns the message into an image. If there is an obstacle in this process, refractive errors occur. The most common ones are near-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatismand presbyopia. Near-sightedness, or myopia, allows you to clearly see objects close to you, but those further away seem blurry. On the other hand, farsightedness, a.k.a. hyperopia, allows you to see things in the distance better than those closer to you. Astigmatism happens when light is unevenly focused on your retina, making all objects blurry or even stretched. Presbyopia is common among the elderly and it makes it difficult to focus clearly on objects in your proximity. There is no other way to treat these conditions without visiting a specialist, who will prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery, depending on the condition and how advanced it is.


In order for the brain to receive the correct information from the retina, your eyes have to be healthy. Otherwise, your visions become foggy and unclear. This is often a consequence of the presence of cloudy areas in your lens, which is known as a cataract. People suffering from this condition can’t see objects clearly or can even see a kind of halo around objects when it’s dark. Cataracts are difficult to spot early because they cause no pain, reddening or tearing in your eye. Still, they can grow and become a major problem. The best solution to the problem is to consult an expert and undergo surgery if recommended. Many Australians opt to visit a famous Sydney eye clinic for consultation and laser treatment, for example. Luckily, most surgeries are now very effective and safe.


Another common problem is related to the amount of fluid pressure inside both eyes. When that pressure increases beyond the normal values, the optic nerve can become damaged and you may even go blind. Glaucoma is the name for the entire group of diseases that cause this condition. The most common kind is the primary open-angle glaucoma, which isn’t normally associated with any pain or other symptoms, especially during its early phase. So, in order to find out if you have this condition or not, you should get your eyes checked regularly. There are many causes that can lead to glaucoma, such as blocked vessels, injuries to the eye or inflammation in the eye. In most cases, this condition is treated with eye drops, but more severe cases require a surgical intervention.


Also known as “lazy eye”, this condition refers to one eye being underdeveloped in comparison to the other. Consequently, the brain automatically starts favoring the eye it considers healthier and stronger while neglecting the other. That leads to a poorer vision in the other eye and it might move lazily. This condition can affect anybody, regardless of their age, and it’s very important to react promptly, especially if a child is affected. This condition can be treated with the use of corrective glasses or contact lenses, but you can also use a patch as a means of encouraging your child to use the affected eye more.

Dry eye syndrome

Sometimes, due to issues with tear formation, tear ducts and eyelids, people develop a lack of tears that result in a dry eye syndrome. It can cause pain and blurred vision, but it can also be managed relatively easily, with special drops prescribed by a specialist. It’s important that you rely only on the expert’s advice and not a friend’s recommendation if you want to treat this condition successfully.

As you can see, some problems occur through no fault of yours. However, it’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms as early as possible if you want to have better chances of treating it successfully.

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