Kids and guns: What you should know to keep your young child safe

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Kids grow up fast, in the growing process there is a certain age that a kid will be so curious to know and see all that is happening around them. Children will try out many experiments out of curiosity but this is perfectly normal. It is a stage they must experience. In many homes parents have guns and they should be stored perfectly well so that they do not cause any injury to the kids.

At a young age of around 3 children are very curious about everything, so things like guns should not be kept in places where children can take or see them. It is easy to shoot themselves at that particular age.

It is important that if you have a gun or your partner has a gun educate yourselves on safe storage methods. There are some ways that guns should be stored:

Gun safes and lock boxes

To keep guns away from children they should be well stored in concealed locks as well as safes where they will not be accessible to children. To keep away intruders it is always good to use locks and gun safes in the storage of the firearms.

Guns should be stored in separate locations; unloaded guns should be stored in safes, vaults after locking the safes keys should be kept far from the reach of children and not close to the household keys. There are gun locking devices like cable locks that may render firearms inoperable. Therefore this can be used as a substitute for storage; bullets should be separate from the gun. It is also important to use biometric keys that only allow the owner of the gun to open the safe.

Guns should not be stored together with the ammunition. Bullets should be locked far from the unloaded gun. This is to keep them away from children. This is why a parent should invest well on a gun safe. Locked guns are less likely to cause accidents since the child cannot get harmed.

A parent might think that their children do not know where they have hidden items and especially guns. According to a certain research, it was noted that many children have seen and even touched guns at home. Parents may think that they have hidden their guns so well that children will prove them wrong.

Guns outside the House

Accidents are also bound to occur outside your own house, they can happen in a friend’s house or even a relative’s house. Therefore when someone hosts your child it is important to know if they have stored their guns in safe ways. It is good to ask questions until you are confident that any firearm is well stored, be it in a neighbor’s house, babysitters or even among the family members. Make sure you get full information on whether the place is safe, to know if they have locked in their firearms. This might look a little nagging but the safety of the child comes first. If your neighbors, babysitters or even anyone owning a gun see that you are cautious they will be keen to store their firearms away from children.

Safety precautions

There are some things that you should teach your child so that they will be safe. First, it is important to tell that child that whenever they see a gun they should stop whatever they are doing. The child should then move away from the location of the gun, they should also make sure that they have not touched the gun even if it looks like a toy. Finally, the child should inform an adult about the gun.

Children should also be given lessons that will tell them how to differentiate between a toy and a real gun. Children are intelligent and will clearly know after few lessons since they can sense the seriousness shown during this lesson. It is also very crucial to go through scenarios with your child, this means that you should give examples to children by narrating scenarios to them and they will show you on their reaction how they might act in case they come across guns.


Guns for some reasons are stored and should be stored in the safest places. After making the decision that you want to keep a gun in your house then you should observe safety precautions of making sure that the guns are not accessible to the children as well as any unauthorized person in the house.

Basically, there is no safer method of storing your gun far from children like just avoid keeping guns at home completely. This might make some parents feel as if it is not right but this is the only way you guarantee 100% of safety against guns.

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