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How to clean and maintain natural woven hats and retain their beauty forever? It is a tricky question, and many do not know how to manage the freshness and newness of any straw hat. A wrong cleaning method may result in ruining the shape and discoloration. Here are few easy and doable ways for you to get better guidance on the care of hats.

Summer hats are a perfect combination of fashion wear and natural accessory. It is ideal for all crown types, large or small. One of the most traditional styles of head accessory is a ‘must have’ for all men and women. There is a vast range available to choose from. From classic Panama hats to stylish cowboy leather headcovers – you have bespoke designs to leave a style statement when you walk into a room. Even celebrities and royals prefer wearing straw hats during summer. 

Is it basic cleaning, or does it require special care every time in use?


All woven hats are of different durability levels, and therefore, an exclusive care label is stuck to each. Look out for the specific cleaning requirements and maintain these. Some hand-made hats do not have a care label; in that case, notice the type of material and tightness of the weave. A straw hat may or may not be tightly braided. And this is an important consideration.

Do you clean the hat before every use, or is it just a one-off activity? It is an important question to answer. A regular deep clean is not something a natural woven hat requires because it is a low-maintenance accessory. Ensure that you go for proper cleaning twice a year. It should not ruin the shape, and the ideal way to guarantee this is gentle care. You get specific cleaning solutions from the hat makers. Any straw hat would mix natural fiber and polyester so the cleaning solution would be compatible with it.

However, some hats are very delicate and not waterproof, so ascertain the cleaning regime is very dry. Use vacuum cleaning approach or soft brush dusting. You do not want to spoil the weaving of the braids at the end of cleaning. The joints between brim and crown are crucial, and whether it is hand-stitched or machine-made, it is vital.

What are the essential tools and materials you require to clean any natural hat?


  • A soft brush with neutral bristles (so that it does not leave any residue)
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • White poplin cloth
  • Pantyhose or any soft net
  • Mild dishwasher liquid
  • Water

Do not machine wash these incredible American straw hats. Tumble drying would damage the shape of the organic hats ultimately. The water temperature you use for delicate cleansing should be cool. Remove any fabric attachments or ribbons from the crown and brim to clean it separately. Handwashing is the ideal approach.

What are the simple steps for cleansing grass hats?


  • Remove all the additional attachments from the hat. Any ribbon or fabric trimmings before starting the hat care may cause discoloration. 
  • Clean the tiny bits & bobs separately (if it is detachable). Use a cotton cloth and some dishwasher solution to clean.
  • Silk and cotton ribbons look crisp after steam ironing.
  • Start by dry brushing the hat to ensure the removal of any dust and dry dirt.
  • Use a damp cloth (with or without soap solution) to clean the crown inside-out.
  • Avoid using colored cloth; it may transfer to the hat.
  • Deep clean the crevices with a soft brush – the strokes must start from the top of the crown and gently run downwards.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner with pantyhose or net as the top cover for the brush attachment. It will clear off any loose dirt and pull the dust out.
  • Add few drops of dishwasher soap with clear water and make a solution. Dab the plain white cloth on it and, with gentle strokes, clean the entire hat.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the hat while cleaning, as it will disfigure the hat shape.
  • The color of the natural weave may look a little darker, don’t worry, it’s just because of the water. Once it dries completely, it will retain the color back.
  • Finish the cleaning by wiping the complete crown in circulation motion. It will not loosen the trims from the joints.
  • You can choose to steam iron the hat for a dry and crisper look.
  • Do not use high heat on the hat; the straws will burn, and the shape will damage.
  • Always store the large brim hats in a cool and dry place. 
  • Use a good hat box (available online or at any hat store) to keep the shape intact.
  • You can also use head shape (mannequin) to store the hats.
  • Mildew and moisture are the two biggest enemies of any natural woven hat. So, avoid storing it in plastic bags.

Maintain the great shape and freshness of straw hats for decades with proper care!

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