Organizing Cables and Packing Electronics for Moving – A few Essential Guidelines

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Moving has never been an easy task! You have to pay complete attention to all the belongings that you decide to carry to the new location. Arranging household electronics are easy. There are a few devices that are fragile and often need multiple components for working correctly. The lost cords and cables often make the electronic equipment unusable until such time it gets repaired or replaced. The expense of substituting the lost elements can add up fast. It is more so for the missing parts, which isn’t easy to get in stores or are scarce in supply.

Are you planning to move soon? If yes, then other than joining hands with a moving company, you also need to make ways to avert the unnecessary expenses mentioned above. For that, you need to organize electronic devices and cables correctly before moving. The following tips can help:

Pack the electronic devices as per rooms

Avert all confusion by packing your electronic devices individually. Instead, you need to bundle the same together. This process is helpful when you have many pieces of equipment that are present in one room. When you unplug each of the devices for packing, you can place the cable/wires in the same box. Make sure to pack and wrap the cable/wire pieces along with the equipment, so that you don’t lose the same.

Are you moving any equipment which you won’t put in a box? If yes, you should place the corresponding components of the device inside a plastic bag. You can label the bag and place it in any other box that’s meant for the equipment of the same room. As your moving company unloads the boxes from the truck, they can place all of it in the concerned rooms. 

You can avert the tangled cables


Make sure to take out all the wires and cables from electronic gadgets and equipment. It will enable you to prevent damage to the connectors and tips at the time of the transit. If by any chance, the device jets jostled at the time of moving, the connection pieces might break or bend when you plug it in.

Make sure to use rubber bands and zip ties to keep the cables from getting tangled. Later it might disappoint you when you unpack all your electronic devices and want to plug-in the device. Use a label maker and print out labels for every cord. The other option is to take photos of the way wires and cables were connected before you removed the same. It will help you to connect back the same when you move to the new house. 

You should keep the chargers close

Every person brings personal electronic devices like laptops, tablets, Smartphones, and the like while moving. Make sure to keep the docking cables and the wall chargers with you. Use a messenger bag or a backpack to carry it with you. It will enable your family members to secure all your electronics and stay organized. Make sure to remove batteries from remotes and other similar devices.

These are some of the essentials that you need to implement for carrying your electronic gadgets and cables correctly. 

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