Quinoa: The Best Alternative Survival Staple

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What is Quinoa?

 Is it some alternative to Wheat?

Quinoa (called Keen-wah) likely isn’t a regular staple in pantries unless one is highly adventurous in their cooking ingredients, but regarding stocking up of foods needed for survival it must be high on list. It has unique taste as well as some highly nutritive value along with reasonably lengthy shelf life. It is a replacement grain that is an overlooked gem definitely. Let us delve into this extremely helpful food as well as see why it is meriting a spot in survival pantry of yours.

Disclaimer: I am not any dietician or nutritionist; hence it is only my opinion. It is suggested to talk to some qualified professional especially if one is having any kind of special dietary requirements or concerns prior to eating quinoa flour or Quinoa.

 So, what actually is Quinoa?

Quinoa-1Quinoa is a grain that is much similar to rice or wheat and it can be utilised for several food-related purposes. You can soak this in water till it becomes mushy as well as can be eaten. It can be grounded in grill mill till it forms the bread flour used for baking. Quinoa can be included in rice or wheat flours so as to enhance nutrition of dishes, and there are endless possibilities. It is also a powerhouse of nutrition and is one among the highly popular vegetarian superfoods that have proteins as well as other nutrients that are tough to find in post-disaster situation.

Ultimately, it is also one of the easiest growing plants in areas that are damp and cool (making them excellent alternatives to grain for places that don’t have good climates for growing any other grain) and that require minimum effort when it comes to harvesting as well as preparing for eating. In brief, Quinoa is great survival source of food. An instant snapshot of weakness and strengths of Quinoa: For purpose of food Quinoa isn’t perfect food as well as comes with few limitations nutritionally, but definitely it is a strong contender.

 Given below are few of the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of Quinoa that one can consider:


Quinoa provides complete protein. There are few foods that contain parts of protein puzzle so as to provide you all protein that you require for remaining healthy. Quinoa too offers this without requirement of other food thereby making it an extremely important vital nutrient source. For preparing it you need minimum ingredients as well as time. It can be prepared even without heat. It is obvious that using flour of Quinoa would require over of some sort but Quinoa straight up can be consumed with little water in bowl as well as some patience. It also can be sprouted if that is your thing based on whether one requires that boost of nutrition or not enough for justifying usage of more water. In other nutrients, it isn’t any slack. In addition to Omega-3 fatty acids that is somewhat lacking in, this Quinoa includes several other vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

 How it works?

Consuming Quinoa as primary course or in small quantities as side dish can assist you in fulfilling multiple nutritional requirements in survival meal plans of yours. You can use Quinoa flour for adding additional nutrition and flavour to wheat or rice bread. It offers unique nutty flavour. As one would be eating same thing much frequently, interesting and strong flavour of this ingredient can be excellent addition to more bland tasting wheat and rice that one is storing. Moreover, when grounded into flour it either can be added to rice/wheat bread or nutty flavoured quinoa bread for subtly adding some amount of nuttiness.

Excellent for unique diets- This helps in providing several of those essential nutrients that are usually offered by animal products or meat hence it is almost must to eat for vegetarians or vegans. Those who are suffering from gluten allergy, flour of quinoa lacks gluten and generally is considered to be safe substitute for the wheat present in breads. It is a good substitute grain especially for growers who live in less suitable areas. Damp and cool aren’t great for few grains but this atmosphere is loved by quinoa.


It cannot be stored for as long as wheat.

When properly stored, quinoa lasts for less than ten years at maximum whereas wheat can last for 30 years or even more.

Those who simply want sticking few cans on shelf as well as forgetting about them, quinoa will not be much nifty. 3782NOP_21356_r42749-4.tifOne requires washing-off protective coating in case if it has not been removed already. Quinoa has the ability to protect itself especially from being eaten with bitter tasting outer-shell which must be rinsed-off prior to eating. This can sometimes lead to gastrointestinal issues for few sensitive people. Hence, ensure you are carefully rinsing unwashed quinoa for few minutes in hot water. After few takes, you will get used to its taste.

Just as any new food, some will be there who will not care much for taste so they’ll want sampling few in multiple forms like raw, bread, etc. prior to actually stocking it up. The far southern preppers can have tough time growing quinoa without extra support. Abundance of dryness and heat isn’t good for it hence growing it in such places is going to be pretty much tough. Storage must not be an issue however if one plans on purchasing what one needs. This is great addition to all survival storage, provided one takes time in learning how it can be used. Check out this yourself as well as see if one thinks it merits extra investment!

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