Regular Powdered Milk for Survival

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All sorts of survival foods are available there but only few people tend thinking of milk as possible storage item. Also for individuals in modern day of ours with lots of refrigeration as well as other preservatives, milk us just short-lived drink which one purchases only at a time in small quantities. However there are ways for people to enjoy taste as well as nutrition of milk while they are still having long shelf life of decades in form of powdered milk.

powdered milk1Let us learn more about this highly interesting addition to survival pantry of yours!

How will you make milk to last for years? How can you remove elements that can make or break it down as well as rot it! Water and Fat both encourage mould formation and decay hence maximum preservative methods will remove both these elements from your milk. This would change taste of milk to some extent owing to absence of fat though would allow users to store other nutritious parts of it in powered form for several years in sealed containers. For much longer life, maximum providers would be including O2 absorbers for keeping oxygen away from encouraging rot hence would ask you storing goods in dry, cool place far away from sun so that moisture and heat will not cause growth of bacteria.

Why keep little for emergencies?

Milk has been designed primarily for giving potent balance of vital nutrients to animals/young people so as to boost immune system while still there are too young to chew or gather on their own. It is as such loaded with all sorts of vital nutrients like calcium and protein that are both important and rare to have in post-disaster situations. Moreover, milk is vital ingredient in several different kinds of foods mainly baked items and adds taste as well as nutrition to those dishes also.

Powdered milk although tends suffering somewhat from fat and nutrient loss but when compared with fresh milk, it will still serve great as a drink as well as an ingredient in your survival dishes. Major issue encountered commonly by individuals who try using this milk frequently is lack of fat that will cause taste to seem-off as compared to your regular milk.

Solution (apart from pinching nose and sucking one glass down as fast as one can) was primarily to make use of powdered milk in your recipes instead of using water for directly reconstituting it. As lack of fat usually is pretty negligible in overall bread as well as other recipes, taste usually isn’t affected but still one may get nutritional benefits. Powdered milk finally can be utilized as a substitute for the breast milk for kids.

Though it won’t be as effective as baby formula, at least it is what your body is expecting to some extent as well as it can assist tide your child over till group finds formula or mother starts producing milk of her own again. Even if one is not having children of their own to bother about, it can allow them literally to be lifesaver for family with child that can simply be a good deed.

Non-Instant or Instant?

Instant powdered milk (like these) will be much tasty when compared to non-instant but one would require much instant for every gallon they drink. Further, Instant milk has been designed for being reconstituted much easily as well as tends tasting much like actual milk. It will not be much dense or much gritty in texture. It means individuals will be requiring more of instant milk powder when compared to non-instant for making similar quantity of liquid milk.

For instance, one gallon of the liquid milk would require at least four instant milk cups whereas it would need just three cups of non-instant milk. Consider one example; one gallon of the liquid milk would need approximately four instant mixture cups whereas it would require just three non-instant milk cups. Often non-instant milk has burnt taste when compared to instant milk powders as well as tends being less costly by weight.

Owing to taste as well as lack of those troublesome enzymes that at times remain in your instant milk powder, milk’spowdered milk2 non-instant variety is used often by the bakers in their recipes as it is not much volatile. Neither instant milk nor non-instant milk tends lasting longer than other so which one you’ll be purely keeping depends on your requirements. Instant milk can be good if one is willing spending more as well as stocking more as they’d be getting tastier drink whereas non-instant would be better to make use of in cooking recipes or when one is on budget.

Any sort of powdered milk ultimately is better than none. In terms of their nutrition value, sheer value makes storing few cans in basement or your cool pantries a necessity for long-term disaster if any. Whether you will drink straight –up or simply make use of it for adding value to your foods, I recommend strongly having in hand few powdered milk.

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