Selecting The Right Guard Dog For Survival

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Guard Dog1Since several years guard dogs are being used and they have offered practical as well as moral support to their owners against various kinds of predators. Some have been utilised as living warning bells because of their shrill barks and attentive attitudes that warns their masters any kind of approaching trouble whereas there are others who stand toe-to-toe with lions, wolves as well as various other dangerous creatures seeking easy meal.

Irrespective of why one requires dog, thoughtful prepper have to do some bit of research so as to find just the correct dog breed for their requirements. Here we’ll be looking at one of the highly common requirements for preppers, guard dog that has the capability to protect you as well as your family post disaster strikes.

Disclaimer- Dogs actually are descendents of some of the highly powerful predators on this planet and even several years of domestication haven’t removed their wild instincts completely. As such, one requires knowing how they can train their selected breed so that they don’t attack innocents, keep them away from being destructive, as well as ensure their even and steady temperament. One should always check their local laws regarding size as well as kind of dogs that one is permitted to own, and whether they are permitted allowing their dog to guard them or not with their claw and tooth. Eliminating the obvious prior to diving into few guardian breeds helps eliminate few others that simply are not usable for guarding you: protectiveness and loyalty only carry tiny dog but animals are pretty small to protect.

We must face this, irrespective of how protective and loyal Dachshund (wiener dog) of yours is, very few dangerous animals or humans will get frightened off by them. The Goliath vs. David scenario is applicable to individuals, but dogs that must rely on brute sheer strength for overcoming their opponent won’t have that luxury.

Dogs requiring medical care or any other aids often- this obviously can be applicable to dog of almost any breed if they are becoming weak or sick, but there are few breeds like Chihuahua that are genetically just predisposed towards greater requirement of medical care. Frankly speaking, dogs that are still bred for working instead of just as show or pet animals still have rugged immune system as well as structure of body. By eliminating these 2 types of dog breeds, one has narrowed down their choices as well as they can make much educated decisions. Obviously personal choices breeds list won’t do much for individuals without any criteria for deciding between them, hence question yourself some questions for narrowing down your options still more.

Firstly, what one wants dogs to guard? Few dogs have been bred to be left with herd of goats or sheep, independently acting, and without much guidance by humans for most part of their lives. Such breeds for make for great livestock dogs, though independent natures of theirs would make it tough to train them primarily for guarding humans that are living in town or urban environment. On the contrary, some dogs are there that can act excellent human protectors but require little amount of companionship or human guidance that one may want providing to outdoor livestock guardian.

Secondly, what is the amount of space that you can offer the dog to roam about? There are few dogs that have been made to get stuck closer to individuals hence willing staying in more confined and smaller domain. On the other hand, there are some especially hardcore livestock dogs that have been designed for wandering across several acres of land as per their choice. Those who live in one-fourth acre plot of land, their wandering dog may simply decide claiming entire neighbourhood because of his protectorate behaviour hence ensure taking space into consideration!

Thirdly, are you enough experienced at handling given temperament dog? The more ornery or independent the breed, more assertive one would be required to be. It hasn’t got anything to do with animal size v/s your size because tiny women are there who have ability to command independent powerful animals whereas there are big manly men who’ve allowed their little dogs walk over them. This is all related to willingness and temperament of your own to treat dogs as productive and useful member of your family instead of just a normal pet. There are few particularly wilful breeds that just are not recommended for even highly eager beginners hence this should be taken into account.

Fourth is to consider pet insurance and related legal implications. For ill or good, few insurance companies and guard dog2jurisdictions are completely against specific dog breeds. German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Pit Bull breeds are among those who have gained specific reputation that have made their owning illegal in the area or simply increasing insurance premiums. In case if it is worth that extra cost, one can pay fee by all means as well as own ill-favoured breed as most of them simply require caring owner for proper functioning but one must know what they are getting into.

Finally, what sort of lifespan is one expecting? Truly speaking, smaller your dog, longer the life will be, though exceptions are there. For example the Great Pyreness is a massive dog, but can live for maximum of 10 to twelve years in few scenarios which is pretty long-life for dog who has reached 120 pounds. Longer lifespan makes for complete utility as guarding dogs particularly post disaster when one won’t be capable of getting another one easily. On the contrary, this can also limit their choices somewhat for just one year or 2 of extended life. These questions as well as their implications in life should be considered so as to make sure that one isn’t downplaying negatives or forgetting positives in their household. As soon as one has got good answer for above mentioned questions, check-out different breeds that are there in Part Two of this series.

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