Simple Tips To Properly Pack Your Stuff For Self-Storage

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Packing your belongings before placing them in self storage facility is a vital part of optimal storage. It’s only right that you’d want your stuff organized when you put them in a storing facility. Proper packing is the key to achieving that objective.

Aside from preventing a mess and maximizing the space, you paid to rent, a well-packed item is also essential for its preservation. Maintaining your belongings is also affected by how it was prepared for storage. These are the main reasons why preparation is everything in terms of putting stuff in a storage unit.

There are many things that you should consider when packing to do it properly. That’s the part that some tend to overlook. Put some thought and planning on self-storage preparation and use these simple tips to pack your stuff properly.

Important reminder:

Before packing the things you’ll place in storage, be sure to know that you rented enough space. Consider the space of the unit you rented before packing items to avoid returning what were already packed because they don’t fit. Listing down everything is suggested to prioritize which ones to pack first and which ones to exclude.

Consider the size of your boxes

You should be using boxes to pack your possessions securely. Unless you’ll be storing big pieces of furniture, boxing them is the best option. When picking boxes, you should consider their sizes because it affects the space it’ll take up in the storage unit and if the item you’ll put in it will fit.

It’s recommended that you stick with two sizes of boxes. One should be big enough to fit even items that are shaped oddly, and the other should be small enough to hold light objects. If your business moves to another location, you may partner with a storage solutions company, so you don’t have to worry about boxes to place items in for rent storage in Manila.

Pack boxes the right way

Pack your boxes tightly by maximizing the available space. Avoid putting heavy items that can fit in small boxes to compensate because it’ll only make it more difficult. Ensure that you used enough tape to seal them but not too much that you’ll struggle with opening them.

Different items will have to be packed accordingly to keep them safe. For appliances and electronics, you should put them back inside their original packaging. In case you don’t have them anymore, at least put them in a box that fits and wrap them in linen or packing paper.

For your clothes, make sure used ones have been washed and new ones are still inside their packaging. Fold them neatly to fit more in your boxes to maximize available space. To prevent damage from moths, include cedar balls inside the box where you put them in.


Any fragile item should be wrapped in bubble wrap for safety. After you’ve packed everything and sealed them tightly, label your boxes so you won’t forget what’s inside when you visit your storage unit.

Wrapping up

Packing should be thought of carefully if you want to maximize self-storage. It’s the best way to take care of your belongings and make the most out of your storage unit’s space. Prepare well, and everything you own will be in good condition when you come back for them.

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  1. Afton Jackson

    Putting large boxes everywhere could indeed be a really bad idea when packing a storage unit. If we do that, it could end up being extremely difficult to try and move around that unit and get what we want from that room. I’ll make sure to use smaller boxes and pack them smartly when I work with a local storage expert in the area.

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