Survival Garden Staples: Production of Tomatoes

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tomato production 1Tomatoes are growing with wheat and corn in typical diet of America. Ketchup, the big piece of tomato on salsa, burger and other dishes makes use of tomato for nutrition and flavoring. As it is, tomatoes contribute greatly to survival garden as it produces necessary nutrients, prolifically, and taste of normal world during disaster and upheaval.

Let us see to it what can be done with the tomatoes and how they can be grown. Before you start with the growth of tomatoes you should be aware of its weakness and the problems related to it: required heat and sun, though varieties of it have been grown at poles (Alaska and Siberia!) average of it will be growing only if large amount of heat is provided for its growth. In case if you are living in an area of short growing season they may not prove to be much useful and productive.

Production of short and limited amount of fruit or tons of excessively tall fruit may take place. Vining tomatoes may grow up to 10 feet covered with tomatoes for almost entire summer with like and supportive structures to make them productive. Brush or dwarf tomato plants are smaller in size that tends to produce fewer amounts of tomatoes in limited time and makes it simple to manage, less amount of tomatoes are produced in a limited amount of time. Fruit itself does not last for long without being processed. Unless you can turn them to ketchup, salsa or preserve it, as they may not last for long just a week or so (hot, humid weather or some wounds in skin) that increases the work for storing them till winters. If you can go with all such weaknesses you may have great productive plant that would feed you for long when preserved as ketchup and sauces.

Generally speaking of the tomatoes, lack of sun and poor soil may hurt plants for sure and reduces its yearly production. Space tomatoes are 2- 3 feet distant (2 feet for dwarf or brush types and 3 feet for vining) with good drainage having ph of soil 6.2- 6.8. They should receive complete sun till the temperature exceeds to 90 degrees at summers, in that case you would prefer to shade while the hottest part of day to make sure that they keep setting fruit.

If you have tomatoes of cold weather (generally varieties of heirloom hailing from areas of mountains from U.S. or from Russia) plant them soon after last frost is over, till then less cold- tolerant variety should wait for temperatures to reach mid 50s. Ensure it that the plants are watered evenly, mainly when it is growing or as a young sprout. It assists in cracking of fruit and strengthens the plant when young. Remember to cover tomato plants to protect the young ones from the severe weather.

In order to keep a healthy garden, you will need to watch for general problems and diseases. For example, purple leaves or veins in a plant: It denotes lack of phosphorus, but may occur itself if soil contains phosphorous in excess. You know, lack of water and cold hinder the growth of tomato and its capability of transporting phosphorous by it, this means many of the young plants consists of purple leaves at the time of blows of cold evening. Blossom End Rot, depicting small wet patch over green tomatoes still growing, ultimately rot will lead to black, rotting, vast patch spread across tomato for destroying it completely. Not only it will assist you in saving the life of crop while emergency but also rotting scent attracts pests that may lead to the destruction of the nearby healthy fruit. It is basically caused due to lack of calcium in fruit for various reasons.tomato production 2

Inconsistent moisture, drought, over- watering, lack of calcium in soil and over- abundance of nitrogen may lead to quite common conditions. Gaping holes and leafless plants may occur due to camouflaged- caterpillar named tomato- hornworm, which eats up everything except the stem of plant. One Hornworm may consume many plants and may destroy one plant in a day. Besides picking them up by yourself (they feed the chickens greatly owing to soft flesh and their bulk) you may also allow bracnoid wasps to remove this risk. Tiny wasps get paralyzed and lay eggs over Hornworms that are eaten by hungry larvae present inside. Just leave caterpillars with eggs over it and allow the population of wasp to grow for conflicting with the population of Hornworm.

You may have them directly by using fruit, and in many case tomato works the same as apple when warmed by sun. Though, popping and slicing few of them in mouth would not produce dent, but if you decide too few plants for total productivity in your supply then try to preserve them. Spaghetti/ tomato sauce, salsa, tomato soup and ketchup are the methods developed for preservation of various vegetables of summer with tomatoes, so go for it. You will have to look for certain recipes of your choice for the correct stability of ingredients, involved in ketchup depending over the person who is preparing it. Tomatoes are the plants that are easy, great and simple to grow. They are helpful fruits producing large amount of nutrition. They are located in all survival gardens, and I would suggest you to go for it. If you need help try Pearland plant experts.


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