Top 5 Things to Include in New Gym in the Neighbourhood

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Congratulations on starting your own gym business! However, if you want to ensure success in the industry, you need to make sure that your gym has the right equipment that will actually attract and retain your clients. It can be challenging to fill your gym with really diverse and numerous pieces of equipment right from the start, but there are some essentials that are considered must-haves, so don’t make the mistake of not including them in your new neighborhood gym.

1. A training bench

In general, your gym will probably benefit from at least two of these benches. Essentially, these are sturdy platforms that allow people to do some weight training exercises effectively. The reason why this is so important for every gym is the fact that a training bench is very versatile, and provides a wide range of workout possibilities for your clients. It’s paramount that you get good-quality benches that have adjustable backrests and are very sturdy.

2. Sets of dumbbell, barbell, and kettlebell

Weight training is very important for the majority of people who exercise for the variety of reasons, which is precisely why you need to have proper weight sets that will allow for some effective training that targets different muscle groups.

For starters, a dumbbell set is a must as it comes in a range of different weights, which is perfect for different workouts and demographics. When you get these with a rack, you’ll save space in your gym and keep things in order. A barbell set comes with several different options but it’s still essential to pick at least one, be it a squat rack, a bench press rack or the Olympic bar. Together with removable plates, your clients will be able to utilize the barbell set to the fullest. Finally, a kettlebell set is a great addition next to the dumbbells as they target a different muscle group and provide more options to your patrons workout-wise.

3. A treadmill

Aside from effective weight training, it’s essential that you have adequate equipment for cardio in your neighborhood gym. After all, cardio is paramount for weight loss. Among a few pieces of equipment for cardio, you can bet that the treadmill is the priority for any gym. The more features such as speeds, heart rate, inclines, etc. the treadmill have, the better. Of course, this also means that it’s costlier. In that respect, it would be rather useful to turn to high-quality commercial gym fitouts that would allow you to get the best treadmill and other equipment for your particular space and budget.

4. A stationary bike

Another cardio must-have, right after the treadmill, is undoubtedly a stationary bicycle. It provides great training when it comes to increasing cardiovascular endurance, much like a rowing machine. It would be great to have the rowing machine as well but, if you can’t manage all three, always go with the stationary bicycle first. The bike provides low-impact heart rate elevation, which is a safe way to get into the more challenging workouts. Not to mention that it provides a safe setting for various client demographics, which makes it extremely versatile and beneficial.

5. Essential accessories

Accessories and smaller equipment such as fitness ball, mats, an abs rollout wheel, resistance bands, jumping ropes, and similar, are all great additions to your gym. You may think that one big fitness machine would fare better but that’s not the case at all. When you first open up your gym in the neighborhood, people want to see a variety of potential workouts they can get done, and these smaller accessories can make a better impression compared to just having a couple of robust fitness machines. Also, if you put up instructions with pictures on how to make the most out of these accessories, more people will be interested in giving them a go as well.

The above-mentioned pieces of equipment will help you make a good start but you still need to work on filling your gym with more equipment and other accessories to constantly improve the experience for your patrons. Keep that in mind as your goal should be to keep your clients interested and engaged continuously, and you can’t do that if you never make any improvements or additions to your gym.

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