Watches Singapore: Common mistakes that most people make when buying their first branded watch

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More than ever, people are looking to buy branded watches today. These come on top of their priority list of luxury items. Working professionals want to get their hands on one such piece to demonstrate their aspirations, wealth, and social status. But how do you select something when you have hundreds of options before you? Then, it’s a matter of a few hundred dollars too. It is going to cost your months of earning. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to be aware of the buying mistakes that usually most people commit in their first time and to avoid them. So, here is a quick look into them.

Going by the trend and not focusing on the product

Any buyer should do thorough research on the watch models before they find anything exciting. Even when they are sure about a model and its brand, they need to get into the details of the series. Otherwise, the chances of facing confusion between different watches are quite high. Some experts from the industry tell customers that safe and conservative designs deserve more attention. If you buy too large or too small a watch face, there is a risk that it can become outdated after some time.

Paying more attention to technical aspects

Often people tend to obsess over factors like watch movement, date display on the dial, battery life, use of jewels, and manual and automatic winding. However, these don’t matter so much. People focus on these areas to enjoy maximum features for a price. But the fact is, your taste will most likely evolve with time, and when this happens, you wouldn’t even think what elements you searched for in other editions. So, it would be best when you go shopping for watches Singapore you choose something that goes with your personality.

Not going with trusted brands

Usually, people don’t like to buy something that a large number of the population owns. But it is better to make a safe choice, even though it means selecting a common brand like Michael Kors, Garmin, Casio, Fossil, or something. There are top-end mainstream models also. However, their high range can be a problem. So, it would be wise to go with trusted brands. Even if there are multiple users of these brands, when you wear one of them, everyone around you would not be able to resist noticing it. Just make sure you are comfortable wearing what you select for yourself. The weight, size, and design of the watch are the real things to consider.

Hurrying into buying the first watch

Like others, you can also rush to buy your first branded watch to celebrate your choice. But you can compromise with the options in a hurry. Because you found a similar model in some other brand or you feel it is not possible to get the same thing, you should not take any hasty decision. The watch about which you read in detail is most likely the one that you would cherish. You enjoyed your journey with that watch while researching on it. So it makes sense to wait for it for some time.

If you are a first-time buyer of a branded watch, these points can be extremely relevant to you.

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Alyma Ozell is a contributing author of Garmin Singapore. She has been passionate about watches like Casio GShock since childhood. Although being raised in the digital watch era, she found her way to mechanical timepieces. After being active on watch forums from the 1990s onwards, she decided to start a blog on watches in 2004.

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