What Kinds of Software Can City Governments Use?

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City governments are updating quickly, with pressure from residents in their areas to keep up with the times.  From local bus route apps to youtube channels dedicated to the local news and weather: it can’t stop just the basic options.  Some software can offer incredible benefits to cities and the people who live in them, as long as they’re willing to try something new. Here are the top software types every city government should try to keep on the cutting edge. 

Performance Management

Nothing can keep a local government on its toes quite like precise project management and planning.  With performance management software, cities and municipalities can keep track of what is being completed, their response to it, and whether it was within budget.  This type of management is vital to ensuring projects get completed on time and that they don’t ruin the financial plans the city has laid out.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

There’s a lot of government money, and a problem with that is that it leaves a significant risk of mistakes, errors, or mismanagement.  Having an accountant, or a financial managing software, can save the municipality from dealing with lawsuits and unnecessary spending.  Although it can be hard to stop people from dipping their hands in this money and taking it, this type of software can help catch the person who did it and deter future thieves.

Public Works Software

Whether it’s for garbage collection or you’re looking for stormwater asset management software, it doesn’t hurt to automate and keep track of public works needs and maintenance.  Every city and town can receive dozens to hundreds of calls and work requests every single day.  By purchasing and using excellent public works software, you can keep track of what needs work and who can do the job when.  This type of software can usually help keep up to date on maintenance and who worked on what when.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Most small towns and cities can get lost in the details of managing and keeping on top of everything from employee payroll to human resources and accounting.  Enterprise resource planning softwares exist to push for better clarity, fewer mistakes, and easier paydays for everyone involved.  Although it ties into account and bookkeeping, resource planning software is more aimed towards the larger picture instead of how people get paid.  Despite not being about the tiny details, ERP software can attempt to create a better city for everyone who lives in it.

Citizen Relationship Management

Without citizens, there is no city.  Software to help manage the feedback and complaints from citizens can help show what needs to be changed in any government.  Although cities shouldn’t listen to every tiny bit of advice or begging, a lot of it should be considered heavily.  

Because these citizens live in the area and are directly affected by changes, they will be the first to tell the local government if something isn’t working.  Using relationship management software, you can keep up to date on what your citizens want and need.

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