What You Need to Know for a New Zealand Road Trip Adventure with Your Dog

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New Zealand is a marvelous country that offers plenty of breathtaking sights for any adventurer to feel awestruck. In that respect, every traveler who has a deep appreciation for nature tends to end up in New Zealand at one point in their travels. However, enjoying the picturesque nature of this country is always more interesting with a loyal friend. Basically, going on an adventure road trip to New Zealand with your dog can definitely turn out to be one of the best experiences in your life. So, don’t hesitate to learn the basics when it comes to taking a furry companion to your New Zealand explorations.

The question of bureaucracy

Keep in mind that New Zealand is free of many serious diseases such as rabies, dirofilariasis and many kinds of fleas. Biosecurity requirements have been established to control the risk of introducing diseases, pests, etc. These requirements are listed in the Import Health Standard for Cats and Dogs document (IHS). All the requirements in the IHS have to be fulfilled so that your dog or cat can be admitted to New Zealand. Therefore, examinations and treatments have to be carried out prior to their arrival in the country.

Keep your dog safe and happy

Once you’re done with all the necessary paperwork and checkups, you want to make sure that both you and your dog have a wonderful time on your New Zealand road trip. This is why, for starters, you should rent a comfortable vehicle for the two of you. Rely on renowned Avis car rental deals and similar services with an excellent reputation. Make sure that your dog has its own seat/bed in the car and its favorite toys and blanket as well. Chew toys are especially useful in this case. Of course, it’s paramount that your dog is actually used to traveling. If it isn’t, gradually prepare your pup for the long drives ahead of you while still at home. Also, while you should always fully stock your vehicle with food and water for both you and your dog, refrain from giving the dog food or water right before the trip. But, keep in mind that your dog will need walking/running stops more often than you!

Enjoy the best road trip routes

From Lake Pukaki to Mount Cook

This 40-kilometer route borders the shore of Lake Pukaki, one of the lakes with the most intense blue color in the world. Of course, the snowy mountains in the background will only make this site more amazing.

Highcliff road on the Otago Peninsula

There are two roads that cross the impressive Otago Peninsula, in Dunedin. One of them runs along the coast through the lower part of the peninsula. The other one goes up to the upper part of Otago and crosses the peninsula from end to end, so you can see spectacular landscapes on both sides.

From TeAnau to Milford

This is one of the most famous road sections in New Zealand known for its picturesque beauty. It leads to one of the strong points of the trip: Milford Sound and the route is 117 kilometers long.

From Queenstown to Glenorchy

The majority of people find precisely this route to be possibly the most beautiful road of them all. Just to see the intense blue color of Lake Wakatipu is worth the 46 kilometers that separate these two locations.

From Wanaka to Makarora

The small town of Wanaka is located on the shores of the lake of the same name. Although this lake does not have the spectacular blue color of the Wakatipu or Pukaki, the landscapes along the 65-kilometer road that leads from Wanaka to the east coast are equally astounding.


This should be your go-to road trip if you wish to observe the tropical forest reminiscent of the Earth’s past filled with thick vegetation and ferns.

Punakaiki, pancake rocks

The entire west coast, from Haastto Westport, leads to this road with magnificent landscapes, a rough sea on one side and a thick forest of ferns and vegetation on the other. Perhaps, one of the most spectacular areas is the one near the strange Pancake rock formations.

Waipoua Forest

On the west coast of the North Island, huge and spectacular trees called kauris reside. In the Waipoua Forest, you will find some of the largest and oldest specimens of kauris. The 12-kilometer road runs through the forest and meanders through the mountain.

Even though it’s not that big, New Zealand is a true nature’s wonder and definitely deserves a visit. If you plan to explore its amazing sights with your dog, make sure to do your research thoroughly in order to complete all the essential check-ups and get the documentation you need in order to have your pup allowed to enter the country. Moreover, prepare your dog and organize your time there well before you leave as this will provide you with more control and more time to enjoy your travels.

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