Who Discovered the Quadratic Formula?

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When it comes to math, then it started at the beginning of the 6th century when Ancient Greeks introduced it. They presented the systematic study of this field where new concepts and ideas were added on from time to time. Euclid in 300BC added advancement in mathematics with the introduction of axiomatic methods, which are well known and used today in theorems, axiom, and proof. Likewise, one of the most popular advancements in math is the quadratic formula. The quadratic formula is one of the most widely used formulas in the world of math. Students have to deal with quadratic equations, and hence they must be well aware of them. It is necessary to know about the history of the discovery of the quadratic formula. But, before moving to it, let us have a glance at what the quadratic formula is:

What is a Quadratic Equation?

The equation of algebra that is capable of being arranged into the standard form is known as a quadratic equation. Math is massively vast and contains a plethora of significant parts. Some of these are quite tough and dry for students to understand. While other students having a keen interest in Math enjoy grabbing these quite quickly. One such part is the quadratic formula, which is a quite common element of elementary algebra. Quadratic formula calculator solves the quadratic accuracy with optimum accuracy, which you can even cross-check. It is indeed the formula that aims to solve the quadratic equation. Besides the quadratic formula, there are some other ways to solve the quadratic equation. These include graphing, completing the square, AC method, grouping, and direct factoring.

Quadratic Formula Calculator:

The quadratic formula which is used to process all the quadratic equations is given as:

ax + bx + c = 0

A quadratic formula calculator processes the input with the use of this formula. Here, the value of x is unknown, and a is known as the quadrant coefficient. However, the value of c is constant, while b is known as the linear coefficient.  It is generally said that the result of this equation is the root of it. Quadratic equation calculator solves all the quadratic equations in no time. The user has to feed or input the values of all the elements of the quadratic equation for getting the solution. The quadratic equation can be solved by any of the methods, either manual or automatic. But in both cases, the quadratic formula is used for solving the equation.



Discovery of Quadratic Formula:

Peeping through the history of quadratic equations and formulas is essential to determine the discovery of it. The journey of the quadratic formula is quite long. Previously, there was only the concept of the linear function. Hence, all the work was being carried out for the linear equation. With the passage of time and experimentation by the mathematician, the quadratic function concept came into being. The field of Math progressed much due to the advancement in it. The quadratic formula is one of the modern approaches that offers many significant benefits and applications to Math. Quadratic formula calculator solves the quadratic equation quite swiftly. Gerolamo Cardano was the person who worked on the quadratic equations and compiled all the data related to it by 1545. Simon Stevin was the first person who covered all the cases for the quadratic formula in 1594.

The quadratic formula calculator works smoothly on the polynomial equation to solve it. ax2 + bx + c = 0 is the polynomial equation where the value of a cannot be zero. However, in the year 1637, the mathematician named Rene Descartes took a positive step for the progress of quadratic formula and equation. He published his work in La Geometrie, which contains concepts about the quadratic formula. It is the working which is still known to us till today. The history of the quadratic formula is quite vast. The mathematician of France named François Viète introduced symbolism and mathematical notation in 16th Century. The foundation of modern Mathematics was observed when Rene Descartes published his work. It was the time when the world came to know about the quadratic formula in-depth and started using it. For convenience, you could consider an online quadratic function calculator that allows you to find the root or roots for the given quadratic equation. You can give a try to free quadratic formula solver to find the quadratic equation with a negative determinant.

Quadratic VS Linear Function:

Many people confuse a quadratic equation with a linear equation. However, in actuality, it is not. Quadratic equations are not like linear equations. They are known quadratic equations because of their nature. These are connected or linked with the problems related to the quadrangles or squares. Hence, these equations are given the name quadratic. It derives from the Latin word, which means square or quadrant. The quadratic formula calculator works on the quadratic equation, not on the linear equation. The line equation is the one that comes up with the linear formula. You can use a simple quadratic graph calculator that provides you with the complete quadratic graph for the given equation.

The linear formula of the linear equation is y = mx + c.  Here, in this case, the user gets the value of y for inputting the value of x. There is a different value of y for each different value of x. When the graph is plotted for the linear equation, it is reflected as a straight line. In contrast to this, the quadratic equation does not provide a single line straight graph. The graph for the quadratic function comes in the parabola shape. It is u in shape or can be of n shape. In the case of an n-shape, it resembles a curve appearance. Quadratic formula calculator is available one for free of cost for bringing ease in the quadratic equations. the online quadratic equation solver not only helps to simplify the quadratic equation but also shows the roots and discriminant of the equation.


In a Nutshell:

The quadratic formula calculator is the online approach that intends to solve the quadratic equation. The chances of error enhance in the manual calculations. Hence, students can complement and even speed up their working with the use of online calculators. The concept and history both play a significant role in the comprehension of the mathematic concept. The more one practice, the more one gains the concept of the new concepts. Advancement in mathematics is responsible for discovering quadratic functions, which gave new direction and facilitation to mathematicians.  The quadratic formula calculator is indeed one of the most potent tools used in the field of math.

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