Your Absolute Guide To Choosing The Right Water Purifier 

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Rivers, lakes, ponds, water tanks, borewell, harvested rainwater, etc. 

All these are our major sources of water. No wonder the water is contaminated and full of impurities! All the harmful bacteria and pollutants present in this water make it unfit for drinking.

We’re pretty sure there are a dozen other similar reasons for you to invest in a high-quality water purifier. 

Clean drinking, safe water not only prevents you from life-threatening water-borne diseases (that you’re exposed to with contaminated water, obviously) but also eliminates any undesired and weird taste of chlorine or calcium carbonate from it. And, not to forget about clean looking, stain-free kitchen utensils!

Owing to these reasons, the market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of water purifiers today. And, this has made the task of choosing the most appropriate one, both overwhelming and muddling for the consumers. 

So, here we are, with a list of parameters that you must pay attention to when buying a new water purifier.

Analyze the water quality

First things first. The quality of water varies greatly in every area. While an area may have water loaded with sediments, the water in some other area might be loaded with harmful invisible bacteria and viruses and in some cases even produce an odor. 

However, in some cases, the water may leave white patches on your kitchen utensils too. And, this is due to the presence of too much Calcium and Magnesium in the water, that makes it hard. (Here, RO water purifier is your best bet.) 

That said, the first step is to analyze the quality of water in your area and then proceed ahead.

Daily water usage

Yes, the daily consumption of water of your entire family needs to be analyzed too. Considering the number of users and the type of usage always play a vital role in deciding the type of water purifier that you need to purchase.

For instance, if yours is a joint family and you need water for drinking purposes only, you can have a fair idea about the usage of water. If the daily water consumption is high, you would require high power and higher output rate water purifier. However, if you are a nuclear family and will be using the water only for drinking purposes, obviously your consumption shall be low. In this case, a small water purifier would do.

Water purification technology

One of the most important factors to be considered while purchasing a water purifier is the water purification technology present in it.

We already mentioned RO purifiers. RO stands for Reverse Osmosis, i.e. a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. 

Besides, there is a UV that stands for Ultraviolet water purification system that uses UV rays to kill the germs present in water.

Moreover, we have UF and TDS technology too that stand for Ultrafiltration and Total Dissolved Solids respectively. 

Analyze the water quality in your home and choose the best amongst the water filtration systems that take care of it. 

Maintenance Cost


After successfully going through the grind of evaluating your water quality, usage, and water purification technology, you need to narrow down your options while keeping in mind the maintenance costs of the water purifier. 

Kindly note that a water purifier needs regular servicing and maintenance (generally at an interval of 6-7 months) wherein filters need to be replaced. And, mind you, these filters are pretty expensive and cost you somewhat around INR 2000-INR 5000 every year.


Without setting your budget, it’s irrational to even step into the market and explore your options. 

A water purifier is one of the most essential investments on your part and the one which is long-term too. So, we suggest you opt for a high-quality one. (In case you don’t want to be standing in the payment queue of a hospital in future!)

However, there are some quality options that are reasonably priced too.

Consider everything and make a wise decision.

Purchase a registered product

We are all aware of the importance of water purifiers in our lives today. Due to this increasing demand, new brands are coming up with new products almost every day. That said, there are literally innumerable companies manufacturing water purifiers.

No, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by this. In fact, you need to step up and act smartly. When purchasing a water purifier, make sure to check for the product’s registration beforehand. There are many companies that offer cheap quality products or products that have not undergone any quality check. 

So, it’s in your best interest if you purchase a registered product from the best water treatment company no matter if you’re buying it online or offline.  

The health of you and your family is dependent on a water purification system. So, make sure to invest in a high-quality one that ensures your wellness and safety. 

Keep in mind all the aforementioned parameters alongside your requirements and be assured of choosing the best one of all. Happy purchasing!

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