4 Tips That Commercial Property Managers Can Follow to Prevent Fire

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As a commercial property manager, one of your major responsibilities is to prevent fires from breaking out in the buildings that you manage. Installing a fire protection system like varslingsanlæg is one thing; you should also make sure it is maintained properly. You should also have an emergency plan in place, in case the fire becomes too large to control. Here are a few tips that can help you minimize the damage caused during a fire:

Have a Good Service Plan in Place

If you already have a fire alarm system in place, have a service plan to maintain it regularly. Regular inspections of such systems will not only reduce false alarms, but it will also help the service technicians anticipate problems before they become too big to manage. Get a fire risk assessment done to find out how efficient your fire monitoring system is. If there are any issues get them corrected immediately so that you can rely on your fire protection system at all times. If your fire protection equipment is obsolete, get it replaced with an upgraded version as soon as possible.

Train the occupants of the building on fire prevention

Educating the occupants of the building about fire prevention is crucial if you want to keep them safe from any kind of harm or damage caused by a possible fire broke out. Get the fire safety tips printed and post these in places where they can see. Conduct regular training sessions and practice fire drills to teach the occupants what they need to do, in case there is a fire. Make it as easy as possible to evacuate the place if need be. Make sure everyone knows the exact locations of fire exits, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers.

Maintain your property regularly

Apart from the fire monitoring system, you should also maintain the various other equipment installed in your building including boilers, furnaces, heaters, and other electrical equipment. Any of these can cause a fire if they are not maintained regularly. Also, make sure people who are using this equipment are aware of the safety precautions they have to follow and know what to do in case there is a malfunction.

Beware of Arson

One of the most dangerous things that can lead to fires in commercial buildings is arson. Arsonists can plan fires that can cause maximum damage. Watch out for any suspicious behavior and report it immediately. Get security cameras and intruder alarms installed to prevent unauthorized access to your building. Make it compulsory for visitors to sign in before entering the building.

No matter what you do, there is no way you can prevent fires at all times. But if you have the right plan and the right equipment installed and maintained, you can make sure no damage is caused to the people who occupy the building. 

Saving lives is your top most responsibility as a commercial property manager. Property damages can be corrected; but life once gone, cannot be brought back, at any cost. 

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