How To Promote Yourself as an Insurance Agent: Five Quick Tips

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Marketing in insurance doesn’t differ from marketing in other industries that provide clients with various services. You may find it surprising, but the approach is pretty the same for everyone. You just need to polish up some details. 

What do we mean here? For example, attorneys who work in the law office of Yuriy Moshes practice advanced social media networking. Why can’t an independent insurance agent use the same method of promoting himself? He can, and he must.

Some specialists may wonder if marketing to insurance agents is important? After all, they provide services that are known for high demand. Well, this is partially true. Clients do need insurance products to protect themselves in different aspects of life. Typically, the range of products includes:

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Medical malpractice
  • And others.

Businesses, as well as individuals, turn to insurance companies to minimize the risks. There is a wide variety of products for such purposes. 

Why Do You Need to Promote Insurance Services?

Alongside dozens of products, the insurance business boasts numerous players. There are world-famous insurance companies like Berkshire Hathaway or Allianz SE. They are the giants of the industry that hardly need to do any marketing. But the thing is that they still do it. 

If you are new in the world of advertising, branding, and promoting a company, you might be confused now. Why do the biggest insurance companies promote themselves? In order to maintain their competitive advantage among the array of thousands of organizations. 

Considering all this, it’s only logical that an insurance agent, literally, must-do marketing to increase brand awareness and gain at least some market share. A well-thought marketing strategy helps to achieve these goals.

5 Tips to Successful Marketing

Here are five tips that will help you with promoting insurance services.

Don’t Hide in the Online Realm

We won’t surprise you if we say that today the majority of customers search for the desired services online. In fact, if we are speaking about insurance products, according to the data from  Statista, in 2018, around 20% of customers at the age of 18-49 bought insurance online.

This states that you should work on your online presence. People should easily find you if you want to increase sales via this channel and promote yourself in general. We advise you to dominate in search engines and continuously work on your website.

Dive into Social Media World

Social media is another popular “location” where you are likely to find thousands of potential clients. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok are leading platforms that welcome millions of users daily. Each of them has its own specifics: for example, Tik Tok is about video content only. 

The urge to use social media in insurance agent promotion explains itself by customer behavior shift. Today, every business aims to gain the loyalty of younger generations. They prefer to use such channels of communication. Therefore, the equation is easy: be where your customers exist, deliver the content they like, and you will eventually connect with them.

Be a Human – Not Cash Acceptor

Today, consumers want brands to be more than just business units that sell a particular product or service. Clients want to know who you are. By this, we don’t mean an insurance agent’s name or personal data. We are talking about something deeper: your values.

Yes, you have to show that you are a human who has principles. This little social detail enriches your brand with the soul, which is essential in brand-consumer relationships.

Educate Your Audience

Today’s customers look for meaningful relationships and interactions. They are hard to surprise with vibrant slogans and bright advertisements. On the contrary, they seek knowledge and deep insights. That’s why educating your audience by hosting educational webinars, for instance, is a good idea. 

Another benefit of such a strategy is that it’s showing that you are a true professional. If you share your expertise, which is useful for your clients, they are likely to believe in your professionalism. What is a better way to boast with your insurance agent qualifications?

Use Mobile Marketing 

Smartphones and tablets are on the rise. People spend almost all their free time with smart little friends in hand. That’s why it’s vital to optimize your marketing strategy for mobile devices. 

First of all, you should deal with your website optimization. Customers aren’t going to like your landing page if they can’t use it on mobiles. 

Secondly, consider implementing a marketing campaign on social media. Prospects are going to see your ads in the feed, which they regularly update.

These five tips will help you to boost your marketing strategy to another level. Have you already tried any of these ideas before? Please, share your experience with us!

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