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  1. Ruchi

    Sponsored Guest Post

    We wanted to reach out to you to find out about Sponsored blog post on your site for my client who is looking for do follow backlinks.
    Can you please let me know how we can work together?
    What is the cost per guest post.We are looking for long term collaboration , so please provide cost accordingly.
    We look forward to hear from you soon.
    Thank you

  2. Reyanna

    “Need Traffic to Website? So…what are you waiting for?
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    Looking forward for your reply and response.”

  3. Sonal

    Hello Sir

    Our company is an India based software Solutions Company, we are capable of providing various ranges of software development solutions.
    Our Services are….
    . Software development or web application development and E-commerce application development.
    . Android Application development solution.
    . I phone Application development.
    . Quick book integration
    . We provide custom software development solution.
    . Email marketing services (We are capable to do your product or email marketing on hire basis).

    Our company provides very good quality services.
    If you need any software solutions do let me know, I will get in touch with you.

    Kind Regards

    Sonal Sahu
    Marketing Manager

  4. Sophie Miller

    First page rankings on Google

    We can put your website on 1st page of Google to drive relevant traffic to your site. Let us know if you would be interested in getting detailed proposal. We can also schedule a call & will be pleased to explain our services in detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon. (GUARANTEED RESULTS WITH 100% MONEY BACK) Thanks!

  5. Steve Barker


    I hope this email finds you in good spirits. My name is Steve, I am a digital marketing executive. I am reaching out to you today in hopes of placing a sponsored ad on your website

    I was recommended to your site while searching relevant sites for our current campaign, and I must say, your reputation exudes you. Your content was intriguing and packed full of valuable information. It is easy to see why you are such a respected member of the blogging community. I feel like you and our client would make a perfect fit.

    Upon sharing your site with some of our clients, they were equally as eager about a possible partnership with you. We believe your readers would greatly benefit from what my client has to offer.

    If you are interested I would love to talk with you further so we can go over all the details and your requirements for sponsored ads. We would provide all content, but respect your professional input on all pieces. It would be ideal if I could find someone long-term to work with my client.

    I look forward to your reply!

    Steve Barker
    Content Marketing Executive

  6. Devendra Kaushik

    I have gone through your blog and it looks really amazing. We are looking for a long-term collaboration with bloggers who have blogs as appealing as yours. We provide guest posting services on websites with good DA and traffic. Let us know if you’re interested in collaborating with us for a long term and healthy business so that we can get orders for your websites as soon as possible. And also let us know the best reseller rates you can provide us with so that we can maximize the order frequency.

  7. Daisy Darel


    I visited on your blog blogging read blogging guidelines.we will follow your instructions as given by you

    Content will be related to your blog theme
    Unique contents are written by experts blogger in our company, NO Spinning or crappy blog posts.

    Blog posts will be published on your blog only It will not be distributed anywhere to avoid duplicate contents
    My content is unique & 100% informative for your website.

    If you are agreeing to publish my blog post free of cost with one link then I will send Blog post topics.

    Please let me know if this sounds good to you so that we work further on this. I shall be waiting for your response.

    I hope to build a long term mutually beneficial working relationship.

    Daisy Darel

  8. sono

    what is guest post price  
    Waiting for your reply.thanks,

  9. Steve Barker


    I found your blog while searching for some new outreach opportunity on the Google.

    Obviously, you are busy and this may be a bit of an interruption. My hope is that you’ll take 2 mins of time to hear me out.

    To let you know a little bit about me, I am outreach specialist that works with many PR and SEO agencies, over 20 of them actually. Basically we are simply an outsourced outreach team.

    My job is to make a connection, and maintain relationships with bloggers for the benefit of not only our agency partners, but you and your valued readership as well.

    Quality of content will be very consistent with topics and relevancy to your site. The hope is that it will fit your audience as if you wrote it yourself.

    Please let me know your thoughts and, if it is something you don’t consider interesting, or if simply doesn’t fit your blog, just reply STOP and I’ll get out of your hair.

    Thank you very much for your time!

    Steve Barker 

  10. Karen Smith

    Hello there,

    We’re interested in advertising on your site.

    Could you please let me know what advertising options you offer?

    Thanks for your time.

    Karen Smith
    Content Ambassador

    +1 (601) 298-4431

  11. Budho Rani

    I would love to post some guest posts on your site. How many prices do you take for each post, and how many words can I post in each post?


    I am interested in your website  I need to post a blog post on it.Please tell me the price of regular gambling posts and adult links. I want to work with you regularly.

    I am hanging tight for your answer.


  13. Abdullah sandhu

    Hello Admin,
    we need your sites link existing or guest posting please answer me asap.
    Please send me full list with prices all niche sites.
    For examples, UK, US, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal/Brazil, Poland, Sweden,  Finland, Denmark, Hungary & Norway.

    News  Gambling & CasinoSportsTechBusinessHealth & FitnessTraveland many others
    Mention the DA,PA,TF, or Moz rank.

  14. Mike livingstone

    Publishing Content

    I am asking you to publish the guest article on your blog, Which is related to gambling sites. If you interested to post an article on your site, How much you offer?

    Thanks in advance”

  15. Stewards Mike

    Publishing Content

    I am asking you to publish the guest article on your blog, Which is related to gambling sites. If you interested to post an article on your site, How much you offer?

    Thanks in advance”

  16. James Fonteront

    Publishing Content

    We are happy to greet you.

    We’re asking you to post a blog article on your site, Which will be related to the gambling site. If you accept our request, then please mail me back with the price you charge.
    If you are not interested in the above request, We will accept regular links also

    Thanks for your time and attention, Can’t wait to hear back from you”

  17. Stewards Mike

    Paying for anchor text

    Hope you are doing well.

    I’m writing to follow up email
    I emailed you a few days ago but didn’t get a response.

    We are interested to post a guest article on your site, Which will be related to a gambling site. Just let me know how much you charge for posting content on your site?

    I am waiting for your response.


  18. Yanovsky Leonid

    Intresting to post Sposored article
    “Hi Dear,

    I hope this e-mail finds you well! 🙂

    I haven’t heard from you for a long time and that’s why I’m sending this e-mail.

    If you or your clients are interested in placing sponsored articles on your sites, then I will do my best to give sponsored article according to your site theme and will include a link to a betting site.

    • We provide100% unique content of at least 500+ words    per article.
    • no copy article
    • the duration will be a minimum of 1 year

    Thanks and have a nice day ahead! 

    Best regards,”

  19. Allen van

    Need content publish opportunities

    I have an article order for your site

    Please let me know if it’s relevant to publish on your site?

    Our article will be written according to your site theme and will include a link to an article on a casino/sports betting blog.

    What is the rate for this?

    If you don’t accept the above request, We might be still interested, please mention a rate for a regular link as well.

    In case you have more sites to offer, please send a sites list along with prices.

    Waiting for your reply

    Kind regards

  20. juleejessen

    I hope you are well.
    What is the best price for a guest post on this site?

    Like General post, Casino, Gambling, CBD oil,
    Please send me a do-follow sample
    If you have more sites then please you can show me

    I am waiting for the positive response
    Thanks & Regards.

    Julee Jessen

  21. Spencer Weinerman

    Does your business have outstanding or slow-paying debts that you need to collect on? Weber & Associates is at your service:

    No signup or startup fees
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    If your current collections company isn’t performing to your expectations, or you’re tired of sending your collection attorney money for an unknown result, please reply to this message or call the number below to learn more.



    Spencer Weinerman
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  22. John

    Hey, nice to send you this message.

    I am John, from Hualong Dino Works in China. We have over 26 years experience manufacturing dinosaurs and other animatronic models.

    Our products have vital advantages :

    1. Reasonable price

    We can save your money and help you to recover your investment as soon as possible. These animatronic dinosaurs are much cheaper than some other producers.

    2. Best quality

    We use more than 3 times high density sponge and cement for the animatronic dinosaur products.The reduction of animatronic dinosaurs is about over 90%, more realistic and more touchable.

    3. Caring after sale services

    We have one year guaranteed maintenance time and provide you high standard services worldwide. If you need, we can assign our staff to come to your location assisting you to install those dinosaurs.

    4. Customized products

    According to your specific requirements, we can customize your requests for each product.
    We have a long time cooperation with the most international conglomerates such as Disney, 20th Fox, Dream Work and other Jurassic Parks.

    5. Fast production time

    Our factory possess more production capability than other companies. And you could decide to quick buy.

    6. Exquisite art craft

    Our technicians utilize the exquisite art craft to manufacture the model more vivid and realistic.

    If you are interested in cooperation with us, please feel free to contact me.

  23. Reign Cabello


    I am Reign and I work for a digital agency. We are interested to do a Guest Post on your site. The post will be unique and will be a valuable addition to your site. Please let us know if you accept paid Guest Post or paid Link Placements so that we can get approval from our boss.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!


  24. mahi chauhan

    Hello, I hope you’re doing well. 

    There are probably many emails you receive every day from readers for your website. Therefore, I’ll keep it short and straightforward.

    We have highly experienced surgeons who write high-quality and user-friendly blog posts (around 1000 words long) which can be an excellent addition to your website. We provide you with unique content and titles that could definitely benefit your website. We will follow your guidelines and write our content and blogs according to your requirements.

    Recently, I have written new bone and joint-related content on (Topic) which is unique and has high-ranking keywords.

    How can you benefit from this guest post?

    We can provide you with unique topics and titles related to healthcare, especially in Orthopedics which has low competition and high search volume. The topic will definitely add value to your website.

    Alternatively, you can suggest your own topics if the one mentioned doesn’t suit you. With a passion for health, I can write about a wide range of topics related to Orthopedics.

    Let me know if you want to see my previously published articles.

    Is it okay if I send you the draft to publish on your website?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you and best regards-

    Mahi Chauhan

  25. Todd Wexler

    Barracuda reports that companies with fewer than 100 employees are 350% more likely to suffer social engineering attacks than their enterprise counterparts.

    Small businesses frequently spend less on IT security than they should. They believe that purchasing an antivirus application provides sufficient protection. With the growth of technology to the cloud, however, this is but one layer. Proper security requires much more.

    Recent studies have shown that the average cost of a data breach to small businesses can range from $120,000 to $1.24 million, and that’s strictly limited to a small business market.

    NetResults Technology Group is a full-service managed service provider that offers unlimited remote support, onsite and hosted e-mail, onsite and remote backup services, managed services, security, disaster recovery, hosted servers, cloud computing, Authorized G Suite, and Office365 Reseller. We treat every client as an extension of our staff and have a quick response time with accountability.

    Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity for businesses.

    May I give you more information on our full line of managed services?

    Thank you for your time,

    Todd Wexler
    NetResults Technology Group
    (858) 943-6890

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