5 Herbal Beverages to Give a Try This Season

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Following the medical advancements, people are now switching from over-the-counter drugs to a more herbal approach. You can now treat any medical condition you are experiencing with the right herbal medicines like herbal tea. 

People have been using herbal tea from dried fruits, flowers, species, and herbs for several years. The tea comes in various tastes and flavors, enabling them to be a better alternative to sugary beverages.  

Following the legalization of Marijuana, many people use products containing the compound Cannabidiol due to its health benefits. Some of the popular herbal tea you can take as CBD tinctures include; 


Chamomile tea 

 Chamomile tea is a suitable solution for people suffering from anxiety or depression. It works by calming your nerves, removing any anxiety that you may be experiencing. Besides, you can also use the tea if you have trouble sleeping.   

Moreover, Chamomile tea has antibacterial properties, which help treat infections in your body. For better results, you can take the tea regularly. 


Kratom tea 

 Kratom is becoming popular due to its recreational and medicinal purposes. There are many popular ways to use Kratom tea, including helping relieve anxiety, reducing depression, and relieving pain. Furthermore, the tea helps boost the user’s energy which helps them achieve more.  

 People who have chronic insomnia will find Kratom tea an effective remedy because it contains a compound that transmits a message to the brain receptor cells allowing your brain to relax, and therefore you can sleep peacefully. You can take Kratom tea once or twice a day, depending on its purpose and the type of strain you are using. However, you should be of legal age to access the tea. You also need to consult your doctor to get the right prescription for Kratom. You can get red vein kratom from bali


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Ginger tea 

Ginger tea can be spicy, but it has a lot of health benefits to your body. You can use ginger tea to fight inflammation, making it a suitable remedy for diseases like arthritis. Besides, you can also use the tea to help improve your immune system. During pregnancy, you are likely to experience symptoms such as nausea, and you can use ginger tea to control it. Moreover, cancer patients can also use tea to control symptoms like nausea and motion sickness.  

Furthermore, you can use ginger to relieve menstrual period pain, which may be preventing you from doing your normal activities. You can take the tea before and during your menstrual period for better results.  


Hibiscus tea 

Hibiscus tea comes in a pink-red color and a tart flavor. You can take it when hot or iced, depending on your preferences. Besides its bold color and unique flavor, hibiscus tea has several health benefits: it helps stabilize your blood pressure levels. People suffering from high/low blood pressure will find tea as a preferable remedy. However, you need to drink tea frequently to enjoy its benefits.  

Moreover, the tea has antiviral properties, making it suitable for treating influenza. You can also consume the tea to reduce the side effects of aspirin in case you are taking it with another drug.  

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Other herbal teas you can take

  • Passionflower tea serves several health benefits, and users may take it to help relieve anxiety. Besides, it also helps in treating insomnia. People experiencing opioid withdrawal symptoms can also take the tea to help control symptoms like anxiety and agitation. You can use the tea as part of your opioid detoxification treatment.   
  • Lemon balm tea has health-promoting properties, and users can take it to reduce anxiety and depression. Besides, it helps improve the elasticity of your arteries which prevents you from suffering from heart diseases or stroke.  
  • Rosehip tea is an effective anti-inflammatory drug, and you can use it to help treat pain as a result of swelling. It also has antioxidant properties that help in fighting skin aging.  
  • Turmeric tea is a powerful antioxidant, and users can take it to control skin aging. The tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, and you can use it in treating conditions such as arthritis.  
  • Green Matcha tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight against chronic diseases like asthma.  You can also use the tea to help you relax and boost your energy enabling you to perform your daily tasks.  
  • White tea has antioxidant properties, making it suitable for controlling anti-aging properties. Besides, you can use the tea to help you meditate as it calms your nerves allowing you to focus.


 You can choose any of the herbal teas listed above to treat the health condition you are suffering from. Besides, herbal tea consists of natural ingredients, making them safe for human consumption. However, it would help to consult your doctor to guide you through a suitable proper herbal tea. In the end, you must research well. 

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