The Top 4 Pillars of Sustainable Agriculture That Have Revolutionized it in a Big Way

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Agriculture has been one of the oldest professions of humankind. One of the biggest goals of the human race is to feed its species to the fullest. Innumerable technologies and techniques have been introduced in order to increase crop production over the years to meet the demand of the ever-increasing population. In the quest for more and more food to feed more mouths the inclusion of sustainability as a policy has been ignored. In the process of harvesting more, natural resources are getting used more than ever. This can cause utter deprivation of resources like water for other organisms who are dependent on the same resources. Degradation of resources can easily be balanced if sustainable approaches are implemented for producing a bumper crop. A lot of research and experience has been used to make agriculture more sustainable and resource-friendly and environment friendly. Here are some policies that shape better sustainable agricultural processes. 


1. Sustainable fertilizers. 


The use of natural fertilizers to aid the nutrition of the soil is the most important step towards sustainability. Fertilizers are absolutely essential for producing healthy crops in high quantities. One cannot just shun the use of fertilizers for the sake of the environment and compromise with crop production especially in the highly populated world that we have today. Using composite as fertilizer can lessen the concern of it being harmful to the environment in a major way. Composites can be generated through an easy process that can be aided through the use of harmless chemicals. Silane coupling agents are one of such chemicals that helps in the easy bonding of inorganic and organic entities. Coupling agents are absolutely important chemicals that help in the quick formation of the composite.


2. Crop rotation.

Field The crops of wheat are all in the field


Planting the same kind of crop can damage a piece of land with all the nutrients in no time. Repeating the same kind of crop depletes the soil of the same kind of nutrients causing a major nutrient deficit to the agricultural land which can render it completely useless in some years. In order to aid the replenishment of overused nutrients from the soil, the policy of crop rotation should be adopted. Planting different varieties of crops each year can help in the revival of nutrients in the soil. Crop rotation helps in avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers by aiding the preservation of nutrients. 


3. Use of renewable energy resources.


The use of renewable resources should be encouraged in each and every aspect. Agriculture is no different. The use of renewable resources alleviates the sustainable nature of agriculture in a major way. Renewable energy resources produce minimum carbon emissions which are absolutely beneficial to the environment. Hydropower or wind power can easily be tapped for use in the agricultural sector. This reduces the pressure on non-renewable energy resources and increases the sustainability and longevity of agricultural practices.


4. Polyculture farming.


Polyculture farming is an agricultural practice that can have immense benefits if done right. 

It is a slow process but can hugely benefit the agricultural sector over time. Polyculture farming encourages biodiversity as well as sustainability. This agricultural practice encourages the plantation of multiple species of crop together so as to conserve soil fertility. This practice does not deplete the soil of its nutrients completely. A combination of different crops that complement each other is able to replenish nutrients as well as provide multiple types of crops from the same agricultural space.

Sustainability is the need of the hour in a world that is crumbling every minute due to immense climate change. Encouraging and implementing a sustainable approach in the agricultural sector has not only revolutionized the agricultural sector but has made it more environmentally friendly.


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