Compare Paid Medical Survey Sites for Physicians

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Paid Medical surveys are one of the best options where doctors, physicians, and medical professionals can make extra cash with less effort. You can sign up with the best and trusted paid medical survey sites that can compensate for your valuable information. In this blog, let us compare some paid medical survey sites for the physicians that pay well.

Significance of Paid Medical Surveys

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For the Healthcare companies

  1. Medical information is crucial for many pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations to upgrade the healthcare ecosystem. It helps them expand the area of focus to provide high-quality health services to the people.
  2. The information from the physicians and medical professionals is used in medical research, advocacy support research, assessment, etc.

For the Medical professionals

  1. Paid medical surveys are a potential passive income opportunity for physicians/medical professionals.
  2. It is a social initiative by which physicians can help society by sharing health-related information.


Eligibility to take paid medical surveys

  1. The individual should be a certified physician or a medical professional to take a paid medical survey.
  2. You might be asked to enter your NPI number while signing up with the medical market research-based survey sites.
  3. You need to answer the screening questions to qualify for the medical survey.


Comparing the medical survey sites

There are several medical survey sites that pay physicians. Here are the four most trusted paid medical survey sites that you can go for. Let us list and put up a verdict on which one is the best to go for.

MD for lives

  • MD for lives is a professional community of doctors who aims to refine the health sector by assisting the health industry in moving towards next-generation services.
  • You will receive honoraria status based on your expertise and opinions. The survey is hassle-free and easy to answer.
  • You can earn for every genuine opinion in your survey. All you need to do is to sign-up and start earning through their surveys.

M3 Global Research

  • M3 is dedicated to improving the healthcare industry via market research.
  • They are a community of more than 2 million healthcare professionals, caregivers, and professionals related to the healthcare industry.
  • You can attend paid online surveys, discussions, forums, etc.
  • M3 is a global research company with high data security in place. Hence, your information and opinions are secured.


  • Incrowd is an excellent online medical research community that offers physicians to earn their opinions through micro surveys.
  • Their surveys do not take much time, and they pay well.
  • You can track your surveys and eligible ones through the micro tracker.
  • You can schedule your Incrowd interviews with medical professionals to complete your projects within a few days.


  • ZoomRx is a medical survey platform that is designed for physicians to answer quickly and efficiently.
  • You can use your smartphone to input your responses and use voice recording instead of typing.
  • The exciting thing is you can resume your recording if you are interrupted.
  • They payout instantly via PayPal.



Medicine and money A stethoscope, an ECG record, and drug tablets are mixed up with euro money bills

Comparing the four trusted online paid medical surveys, it is pretty hard to choose one as they are unique in their own way. All of them are highly secured and pay you instantly for your opinions and surveys. Choose which suits you and start making your passive income while advancing your life as a physician.

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