Do Kratom and Blue Lotus Flower Show Up on a 5-Panel Drug Test on Probation?

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Urine test Test tubes that are filled up with urine are then being mixed up with reagent


Kratom and Blue lotus flower may show up in your drug test if it is specifically tested. That means both the drugs might not show up in your 5-panel drug test during probation. But, if your probation officer suspects that you abuse kratom or blue lotus, things could be complex for you. This blog will shed light on the kratom and blue lotus and their impact on your probation drug test.


Kratom – Overview

Kratom can be found in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia. The leaves contain certain compounds that have psychotic effects. Kratom is an illegal substance in the United States even though it can be available on the internet. They are sold in the form of green powder labeled as “not for human consumption.” But some people take kratom illegally to get high.


Blue Lotus Flower – Overview

The Blue lotus flower is a type of water lily flower widely found in Egypt and its surrounding areas. The flower contains psychotic alkaloids like apomorphine and nuciferine. It helps treat Parkinson’s disease and improve motor function. Being a psychotic substance, it is a potential hallucinogen that might lead to dependency and addiction when consumed without limit.


Do Kratom and Blue lotus flower show up on a drug test?

Panel test The test panel is made with the purpose to detect a drug substance, present in the urine

Yes. It may show up on your drug test. There is no drug test panel, be it a 5 panel drug test or 10-panel or 12-panel drug test looks for kratom or blue lotus flower. But suppose you are on probation or during your employment tenure. In that case, if your employer finds out that you are possibly abusing kratom or Blue lotus flower, he might specifically test for those drugs, which you may perhaps fail your drug test.

On the other hand, blue lotus flowers can show up as opiates, which can deter your 5-panel drug test. Kratom can show up on a 10-panel blood or urine drug test as they are short-term drug tests, and kratom can stay in your body for 3 to 7 days in your blood and urine. If you are a regular user, it might stay up in your system for a much longer time.


What if I fail my drug test due to kratom or Blue lotus flower?

You will not possibly fail your drug test due to kratom or Blue lotus flower consumption as it hardly shows up on your drug test ( unless you consume more significant amounts). It is better to inform your tester about your recreational use of kratom or Blue lotus flower so that the results might not affect your career.

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