12 High-Impact Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills

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With the ever-rising energy prices, it can be difficult to keep your electricity bills under check. While you have no control over the volatile energy market, you do have control over your own energy consumption. 

In this post, we’re sharing impactful ways you can reduce your energy bills. Take a look.

1. Replace Inefficient Light Bulbs

Incandescent lights and CFLs consume a lot of energy. Replace such light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. While LEDs can be slightly pricier, the cost is justified in terms of long-term savings and durability. 

2. Upgrade Old Appliances

Most household appliances tend to work well for under a decade. After that, you’ll notice them not performing as well and also taking up more energy than required. Replace old and inefficient appliances with newer models. When shopping for appliances, make sure to check the Energy Star Rating.

3. Find a Better Energy Plan

Have you stuck with the same energy plans for years? It’s possible that you’re paying more than required. If you feel like your energy provider is overcharging you, it’s time to shop around for a new one. Use a reliable comparison website to quickly compare electricity providers and find a suitable one.

4. Dial-Back Thermostat

Just dialling back the thermostat by a few degrees can bring a considerable difference to your energy bills. During winters, wear a couple of extra layers to stay warm rather than cracking up the heating. To avoid the inconvenience of constantly adjusting the temperature, get a smart thermostat to automate the process. 

5. Service HVAC Unit

The HVAC unit makes up a significant portion of your energy bills. To ensure that it works optimally, get it serviced by a professional at least twice a year. Remember to regularly clean the filters, seal duct leaks and remove any obstacles. 

6. Unplug Vampire Appliances

When you switch off certain devices, they go into standby mode and continue consuming energy. To prevent these vampire appliances from unnecessarily wasting energy, unplug them after use. However, unplugging and re-plugging can be quite tedious. You can install a smart power strip to make it easier.

7. Air-Dry Clothes

Rather than drying your clothes in the dryer, try the old-school method of air-drying clothes. Similarly, instead of running the dishwasher for a few dishes, wash them by hand or wait till you have accumulated a full load.

8. Install Solar Panels

Do you live in a city that receives plenty of sunlight? Well, this is a virtually free source of energy that you’re not utilizing. Consider installing solar panels and partially power your energy requirements with renewable energy. It’s better for your wallet as well as the environment.

9. Improve Insulation

Apart from regulating your personal consumption, it’s also important to prevent energy loss. Make sure your home, especially windows, attics, crawlspaces, basements, garages and roofs, are properly insulated.

10. Install Low-Flow Showerhead

If you cannot give up long, hot showers, there is an economical compromise for you. Consider installing a low-flow showerhead that will allow water conservation. Similarly, get leaking taps and other bathroom fixtures repaired or replaced. 

11. Off-Peak Hours

The energy rates are high during peak hours and fall during off-peak hours. Use this to your advantage by scheduling energy-heavy chores during off-peak hours. For instance, wash laundry or run the dishwasher at night.

12. Utilize Natural Light

Even if you don’t end up installing solar panels, there are still ways to utilize natural light. In winters, open up the windows during the day to naturally warm up the house. 

The Bottom Line

You don’t necessarily have to make drastic changes to bring down your electricity bills. Some simple changes and conscious consumption can make a significant difference.

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