Create a Cozy and Comfy Patio You Can Enjoy Year-Round

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Contrary to popular belief, summer is not the only season during which you can enjoy spending some time outside. While it is true that during summer your outdoor adventures can be longer and more comfortable, the fact is that any season has its charms. This is especially true if you have your own outdoor area and especially if you have a patio.

A patio is an excellent addition to your outdoor space as it offers so many opportunities for you to enjoy spending some time outside. That being said, however, you will need to come up with the ultimate patio design that will make all of this possible. If you don’t already have a patio, keep these tips in mind when you decide to build one. If you do, on the other hand, consider upgrading it by following some of these ideas. 

Provide some shelter

When it comes to patio designs, in general, the best design you should be aiming at is a covered patio. This design offers you some sort of above-head protection against elements. It’s perfect for all seasons, as it will protect you from the rain and snow in autumn and winter but it will also offer some shade during extremely sunny days. You can choose to make the cover for your patio a solid structure, or you can install a simple awning. Do know, however, that the sturdier the construction is the longer it will last. So, decide on the style of the covered patio you want to go with and get ready to enjoy spending some quality time outdoors. 

Get the right furniture

Aside from choosing the right patio design, you should also choose to equip it with the right type of furniture. No matter the type of climate you live in, it would be best to go with quality outdoor furniture that can stand the test of time. For instance, even though you live in a country that experiences a lot of rain throughout the year, you can still choose to go with furnishings that can withstand even this element. If your lifestyle cries out for al fresco living then indoor-outdoor rugs from Miss Amara can be just the thing to create the perfect outdoor ambiance and make a cozy feeling. So, when choosing the furnishings for your patio, keep in mind all of the elements – regardless of the fact is your patio covered or not – and go with something that can withstand them all.

Heat it up

Furthermore, you will need to find a way to add more heat to your patio if you truly want to be able to enjoy it year-round. There are a few ways you can approach this matter. The first, and arguably the most effective one is to enclose your patio. However, since you want to be able to have it fully open when the temperatures are favorable, you may want to consider going for roll-up PVC screens instead of full-blown windows. Another way you can add more heat is by installing a couple of gas heating lamps. The only downside to these is that in case there is no additional protection from the elements, they won’t be too effective. Finally, you can choose to add both style and heat to your patio by installing a fire pit. These come in so many varieties you simply won’t have any problem finding the right fit. It’s important to mention, however, that in case you have a wooden patio, a wood-burning fire pit might not be the best choice for you. 

Add more lighting

Finally, just like you want to be comfortable and warm while enjoying the time spent outside, you also want to have enough light. This especially goes during autumn and winter when the days generally last shorter. Having opulent lighting will enable you to do some of your favorite activities, such as reading, while also being able to enjoy spending some time in nature and fresh air. For the best look, you can even choose to layer lighting solutions on your patio, so that you can always control the amount of illumination you wish to have. So, install an overhead feature that will provide you with the overall illumination. For some more delicate tasks, such as knitting or reading, add task lights. You can even choose to have these fixtures mobile so that you can move them around as necessary. In the end, add some outdoor fairy lights to create a whimsical atmosphere.

As mentioned, having an outdoor structure, such as a patio, will enable you to spend time enjoying the outdoors year-round. If you put in just a bit of work and effort, you will be able to assemble an outdoor structure that will offer you all the elements of indoor space – comfort-wise, while still providing you with the benefits of spending some much-needed time outside.

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