E-Waste Recycling Facility: Setup Considerations

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In this day and age, where all the talk seems to be revolving around increasing people’s eco-consciousness and improving our overall recycling efforts, various recycling businesses have been on the rise. And with the technology constantly evolving and upgrading, the question that poses itself has everything to do with finding a proper way to deal with the ever-growing amount of e-waste.

That’s precisely why you can see more and more e-waste recycling facilities opening up shop, not only to aid with our efforts to protect the environment but also to salvage and reuse any material used in this industry. That being said, here are some setup considerations if you’re thinking about opening your own e-waste recycling facility.

Decide on the type of waste

Before you proceed with developing your business plan, building your facility and other important steps, you should first decide on the type of waste you want to recycle. Sure, e-waste is your main focus, but you do need to understand that there are numerous sub-categories of scrap in this main waste category. Therefore, consider the type of waste you want to focus on because this will determine the size of the facility you’ll need to build, the type of machinery you’ll need to obtain and virtually everything else regarding your future business efforts.

Create a budget

Next, you will have to come up with the budget for both your business and your construction efforts. In order to be able to determine this, you will need to – again – consider the size of the object you want to build and account for the initial investments you’ll need to make for your business in order to be able to get it off the ground. The best part is that you won’t have to invest enormous amounts of money in the business itself, aside from the machines you will use in your facility. Other than that, you will simply have to invest in a transportation vehicle, and some recycle bins outside your facility where people can leave their waste.

Know what you need when building the facility

Ow that you know what type of waste you’ll mostly be dealing with it’s time to start planning your recycling facility. When dealing with this part, it would be best to find an experienced commercial construction company that can streamline and simplify this entire process, while paying attention to your wants and needs. You should also be looking for experts who will help you with estimating your return on investment and consult you on how you can reach it faster. So, come up with your preferred design and let the experts deal with everything else.

Think long-term

When building your facility, aside from planning for storage, entryways and exits, try to keep a future-oriented mindset and consider how much more space you will need if you ever decide to expand your business. The thing is that you don’t really have to build the future expansion now, but if you know in which direction you want to take your business in the future, make sure you leave enough room to grow. Aside from that, make sure you go as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible when building your facility, which is sure to save you significant funds in the long run.

Get the necessary equipment

Finally, you will have to think about all the necessary equipment you will need to include in your recycling facility. Aside from a screening step, magnetic separation system and other heavy machinery you will need for your facility, you also need to think about the office equipment as well as transportation vehicles. As far as vehicles are concerned, aside from the delivery vans, you should also invest in at least a couple of forklifts so that you can easily move the waste within the facility. Furthermore, think about all the storage solutions you’ll need to implement, as well as any other type of security and other equipment your employees will need in order to be able to operate properly.


Therefore, if you’re thinking about starting your own e-waste recycling facility keep these basic considerations in mind. They will help you ensure that you stay on the right track and prevent you from forgetting about some important aspect that does require your undivided attention.

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