Easy and Free Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Novice Realtors

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Real Estate business has grown drastically in the past decade. People are showing more interest in buying and selling of property due to high returns and low risks. As soon as you enter the real estate business, you might come across a number of challenges. One such challenge is to market your property and reach potential customers.

Especially talking about real estate in Dubai, the competition is fierce and setting yourself apart from others is tough. However, if you are looking forward to a successful real estate business, there is no better way rather than to engage in marketing activities. For instance, if you have purchased a villa in Arabian Ranches Dubai or Business Bay Dubai and wish to sell it in the near future, you might need to put some efforts.

As a novice realtor, you can market your property in various ways. Here’s how you can do it.

Show Your Presence on Social Media

Social Media Platforms allow you to market yourself and generate tons of leads without spending a dime. Make sure to set up your account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Promote your properties, upload beautiful pictures, curate blogs and share them, and interact with people following you.

For instance, Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to interact with people interested in real estate. Use proper hashtags, enticing captions, and vivid pictures to attract people and follow you. Also, connect with influencers in your niche to know what they are doing in order to gain traction.

Make a Blog and Write

When it comes to real estate marketing, a blog can be a great way to introduce yourself and market your property. For instance, you can write why it is worthy to buy your home. What are the features and amenities provided within the community?

Make sure to use attractive pictures for each post and share it on social media pages. You can get ideas online by looking at what competitors are writing. If you are not good at writing, you can hire professionals from various freelance platforms.

Share Pictures of Surroundings

People are concerned about locality when buying property. By sharing pictures of surrounding areas such as cafes, gym, swimming pool and aerial view of the locality you can gain massive traction. Share the famous landmarks within the area and post it on Instagram. Some of the interested buyers will surely contact you on the platform.

Create a Virtual Tour

People are too busy and don’t have enough time to visit only to know the property is not up to their standards. Instead, you can create a virtual tour through your phone’s camera. Make a video in high resolution and show each part of your house. Give a clear picture of each room and let them know how much spacious it is and how well it is designed.

Property Listing Websites

With the rise in real estate business, property listing websites have emerged far more than ever. People who are interested in buying or selling the property, first visit these websites. If you are also interested in buying or selling of a property, make use of property listing websites. These websites can prove to be a great way to land your first client. Even if you get inquiries about your property, you have done almost half of the work. Make sure to list your property with relevant keywords and all the descriptions that can attract buyers. Moreover, don’t forget to share the pictures as well.

If you are serious about real estate business, these marketing tips will surely help you out. It does not require any technical skills and everything can be done for free. So what are you waiting for, get started and make huge profits!

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  1. Joquim

    These ideas will really help my real estate business. Been kinda lost but now you shine the light to my thought… Will put them to use.

  2. Rachelle

    These tips are a great help to realtors who just started their profession. Enhancing your social media presence is essential. Introduce yourself to all and let them know that you can help them in their real estate dreams.

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