Light up Your Home With Geode Tables

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Wood has been the most costly and gorgeous material for years and the first choice for making furniture that looks classy, elegant and luxurious.  With evolving trends in furniture style, wood has become a scarce commodity and pushed up its price manifold. Other materials that are no less classy and stylish started gaining popularity for creating beautiful furniture pieces that are one of its kind in its appeal but not as expensive than wood.  Designers across the world are using geodes, energy stones like crystals and organic materials for creating exclusive furniture that has high aesthetic appeal. Whether it is the best of geode tables or any geode accessory, it can uplift the aesthetics of the interior design, whether in office or home. 

What are geodes?

Geodes are natural rock structures with a cavity lined with mineral materials. The outer surface is hard, durable and weather resistant than the surrounding bedrock that allows the geode to survive even when the surrounding block erodes due to the elements of weather. Tiny crystals and bands of white and translucent gray agate line the internal cavity, and there might be more spectacular treasures like perfect white calcite crystals, rich purple amethyst in many types of geodes. Some rare variety of geodes might contain blue gem silica and magnificent opal too. 

Geode tables

Besides the striking looks of geodes, which is a primary consideration for interior design, the energizing properties of the rock that emanate positive energy is also a factor for homeowners preferring it for furniture making. Using geode to create unique designs of tables is the latest trend in as these beautiful pieces of furniture light up the environs and draw all attention. You can select the geode of your choice for using it as a tabletop placed on a beautifully designed metallic table frame that fulfills the artistic desires of homeowners. Stone accent tables not only beautifully blend with your home décor but make a statement that underlines your style and taste

Play with colors

Since geodes are available in infinite color shades, you will always find some pieces that match perfectly with the color scheme of the interior décor. The colorful appearance of geode tabletops can accentuate the house décor in many ways. If you have a monochromatic décor at home, then the dominant color of the geode can become the guiding color of the room. In addition to geode tables, you can also add some accessories like colored lamps that complement the monochromatic mix and enhance the appeal.

Types of geode tables

Different types of geode tables are available in the market depending on the kind of geode – Amethyst, Calcite, and Agate being the easily available ones. The color of geodes defines the appeal of tables and drives the choice of people who want to match it with their home décor.

Regardless of the type of geode you choose, it will be an exclusive addition to your home that will always be the central attraction of the place. The fantastic appeal of geode furniture is unparalleled.

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