Smart Solutions for Optimising Garage Storage

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Despite all the effort homeowners make towards creating sufficient storage in their homes, most homes still end up lacking it. There’s just never enough storage so a lot of people end up using their garage space as an additional storage room.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing but it’s often so as it’s quite a challenge to organize your garage storage smartly and efficiently. In most cases, people find that their garage is not being used to its fullest potential and that things are simply piling up, remaining in the same spot for years and years.

The typical problem with garage storage isn’t really insufficient space, but how to use it in the best way possible. Whether it’s a small or a big and spacious garage that can house three cars, the trick is getting everything organized so it’s neatly stored and accessible at all times. Unfortunately, it’s usually quite the opposite and most people end up with stacked boxes and storage containers and a system that doesn’t work at all for anybody.

Here are several practical storages optimizing tips to help you sort out your garage mess.

Declutter and downsize

Before you even begin to plan your dream garage storage, you need to declutter the existing mess and downsize whatever pile of stuff you’ve got there. It’s amazing how we humans are talented for cluttering and hoarding! Start by getting rid of the superfluous junk that nobody uses any longer and hasn’t been touched in 5 years, including camping gear, your kids’ old toys, old bikes, clothes, and whatnot. Have a yard sale or donate stuff.

Once the air is cleared, your garage will not only seem larger but it will be much easier to plan future storage options.

Categorize and label

To achieve the optimal organization and functionality, you need to break up your garage space into several different categories. For instance, create a section for sports equipment, gardening stuff, workbench, power tools, arts and crafts stuff, camping and holiday gear, seasonal decorations and shoe and clothes section.

Once you’ve determined the categories, you should label each section as this will be a great help in the future when you need to find something quickly. You may know now where everything is, but in a few months’ time, you’ll surely forget. And, try to have some fun in the process so use different labeling methods, such as chalkboard paint, colorful stickers or even Polaroid photographs of stored items.

Smart storage solutions

The best way to store your stuff is by using adjustable shelving that allows you to customize it both to the layout of your garage and your specific storage needs. The choice today is huge and the only limits you’ll face is the available wall space, the ceiling height and your creative methods of combining storage units.

Good shelving makes the base of any storage solution and what you should aim for is maximizing shelving space and its possibilities without compromising on its quality and durability. The great thing about adjustable shelving options is that they can change, grow and adapt according to your needs over time.

If you’re going for a sleeker and cleaner look, closed cabinet storage is your best option. These could range from old and re-purposed kitchen cabinets to modern, high-end custom-designed garage units. Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to find something that will keep your stored sight neatly tucked away out of sight.

For lightweight things, most people opt for plastic shelving that also ranges in sturdiness so you can also find professional grade units that can hold quite a load. This only means that the price will rise as well. They’re also very versatile and easily adjustable so they can be re-positioned at any time.

One of the most popular storage solutions is wall mounted shelving as it provides the best of both worlds, meaning that these shelves can’t tip over and fall as free-standing ones and they can go as high as you want, up to the ceiling, if necessary. This gives you maximum storage capacity, especially if you run the over the doorways as well. There’s usually the option of adding accessories, such as additional shelves, hooks, and baskets.

Finally, if your garage lacks space, there’s no room for despair as you have the option of using the overhead space too. Overhead storage units will extend the available storage space but they aren’t easy to reach, so reserve them for things you don’t use frequently. Also, make sure the units are properly and safely installed so they don’t detach from the ceiling and fall.

With these clever garage storage ideas, you’ll have zero problems organizing your garage to perfection!

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