Thing You Don’t Want to Do When Renovating a Bathroom

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Planning a bathroom renovation with high enthusiasm can often lead to lots of frustration as it rarely goes without discovering unresolved issues along the way. This inevitably slows down the project and costs more money than you have initially planned. In an effort to avoid the common pitfalls that accompany a bathroom remodel, here are several useful tips.

Old pipes

One of the most important and influential factors in remaking your bathroom is the age of the existing plumbing. Most of the cast-iron drain systems are at the end of their days, but since they’re hidden, you can’t really tell how deteriorated they are until you open it all up. Even then, it can all seem to be in order as cast iron typically rots from the inside out, so you need to tap the pipe. A different tone can indicate if there’s any build-up within the walls or the walls are thinner due to corrosion. In either case, they would probably need to be replaced.

Galvanized pipes are commonly replaced when you’re updating your bathroom as they can’t be disassembled with breaking. On the other hand, with plastic pipes, there’s a whole different situation. Even though polybutylene pipes have been banned for years in most countries, they can still be found in older installations, so it’s necessary to check the codes whether or not they must be replaced.


If you’re planning to replace the tub, you should have much trouble with removing it. Just make sure you take correct and precise measurements so the new tub fits in perfectly. Removing sinks and vanities generally goes without serious issues, except for smaller problems with pipe sizes and corroded fittings. There could also be a vent missing or the new sink might not fit into the existing vanity.

Supply tubes and fitting under the sink need to be inspected thoroughly since opening up old and corroded parts can cause serious problems down the line. It might be best to plan in a total replacement, and with genuine experts, like this Northern Beaches plumber, you’ll have the problem fixed with professional gear and expertise in record time.

Stall showers

The biggest issues with stall showers are the water damage under the surface, which is usually caused by leaking water valves and pans and is almost never seen until the fixture is removed. Your main concern when rebuilding your shower is selecting the finish material for the walls and floor which will prevent any leakage in the future.

If you’re already completely rebuilding your shower, don’t make the standard mistake and go with the standard size and height. If you’re taller and your partner is shorter, you should both stand in the tub and shower space to determine the best size for both of you and the best location of the shower valve and shower head.

Walls and floors

It’s possible that vent size regulations have changed since your house was built, or you simply need to upgrade them to improve their performance, so make sure you check the code restrictions so you can be sure what work can be done and to what extent.

In addition, bear in mind that while it might be easier to run supply lines along an exterior wall cavity, your existing insulation or the need for additional insulation may impede using that course. This is usually an issue in the northern states and other areas of the country where energy conservation is a cardinal concern. Finally, make sure you inspect the floor joist spacing if you’re considering retiling the floor. You might need to strengthen the floor or even build a subfloor.


Forgetting about the crawlspace can cause significant problems along the way and incur additional costs. Crawlspaces are usually very confined, dark and damp, so access is very difficult. However, you shouldn’t avoid inspecting it as you need to determine how you can get to the areas that need work and whether or not that would require cutting holes in the actual floor. This is a costly project so make sure you calculate that possibility in your remodeling budget.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to avoid the common bathroom remodeling mistakes and create a stunning new bathroom without any additional stress or cost.

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