Transition Your Kitchen with Transitional Style

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Elements of a Transitional style kitchen are of the easiest to coordinate. That’s because the components can be mixed and matched—Traditional, Contemporary, Rustic and everything in between. Start with white shaker style cabinets—frosty, antique or winter. Then start layering other kitchens remodeling elements such as the backsplash, countertop, floors, and shelving and don’t be afraid to flex your design muscle. It’s the details that will give your kitchen its style and a bit of your own personality.

Choose new cabinets or cabinet refacing to update the color and style and leave the layout the same. This is often an overlooked remodeling solution that can save big on a budget, but allow you to change 80% of what you see in the kitchen—the cabinets. Add an island or pantry if you wish for additional storage.

Countertops are the next layer and will add sophistication to the design through its pattern and glistening stone look. Quartz is of the most popular because of its maintenance-free benefits. Here’s where you will begin to get into your color palette, either going warm beige, cool gray or dramatic with a contrasting dark color. White countertops with white cabinets are typical of Transitional style and enlarge the space visually.

Now, onto the backsplash—let’s take the subway! It’s another characteristic of Transitional style. Think cool and trendy, but will maintain its timeless appeal. Glass or ceramic is the best material choices and another place you can add a pop of color if desired. If you’re adding color here, be sure to repeat that color in decor items for a finished look. This will button up the design in terms of style. A unique mosaic pattern or color over the stove is a fashionable way to put your signature on the finished look. Every room needs a focal point and this is where to do it. Get creative with a hexagon or diamond pattern, adding another textural element.

Ok, look down! What is going on in between those tiles? Wood-look planks are becoming very popular and look like real wood but without the maintenance. Distressed browns and grays are topping the list and come in 20” x 7” planks. Choose to do this-this in a contrasting hue which is another way to punctuate your new Transitional styled kitchen. Moreover, you’ll never have to re-sand or refinish—beautiful and durable.

Let’s start decorating. Floating shelves are a designer-esque way to break up a row of cabinets. Choose the same wood tone as the floor to tie them into the design. Homeowners are using these for their everyday dishes and mugs, making them uber-functional. Speaking of functional, interior storage will make your beautiful new countertops clutter free.

Now your new Transitional styled kitchen is complete. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and styles. It’s your kitchen and should reflect your personal style—making you smile every time you enter the room. Need more ideas? See our 2019 kitchen trends article for additional inspiration. Happy remodeling!

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