When Interior Meets the Exterior: How to Incorporate This Huge 2020 Trend

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If you are planning on implementing some changes to your house with a garden and you are looking for a fresh idea, look no further because 2020 is going to be all about combining these two elements. People usually observe their houses and backyards as separate entities but what if you can join them and make that space not only inhabitable but practical and aesthetically pleasing?

By combining bits and pieces from both the interior and exterior, you can get an exciting mix in the shape of a room with all the comfort of a home and all the beauty of nature in the backyard. With that in mind, here are the three most important structural elements to address after which you can dedicate your time to furnishing and decorating. 

Extend the roof to embrace the exterior

When thinking about the ways to merge the outdoor with the indoor, one of the first steps could be to extend the roof over what will become an outdoor room. In this manner you will shelter whichever items you intend to place in the room – if you wish it to be an oasis of peace, you might add comfortable armchairs and beanbags. 

Alternatively, if you would like to use it to practice a hobby, you might want to think in terms of the equipment you would need to create your art, such as a large table, comfortable chair, and tools. Depending on your budget, you can have a part of the roof over your exterior room to be made glass so you can enjoy more natural light and daydream while listening to the sound of the rain drizzling on the top of your glass roof.

Use the same flooring to create a whole

Just as you borrowed the roof from your home, you can borrow the flooring from the outside since not all courtyard materials are coarse and some even allow you more options regarding the room’s functionality. For instance, you might want your outdoor room to be a children’s playroom since their creative games ruined the old wooden parquet in their bedroom.

Many parents whose children’s ideas include riding a skateboard inside and preparing lunch from mud saw the need for flooring which is easy to clean and durable and listened to the recommendation by experts at Premier Pavers to opt for Italian porcelain tiles. Besides being a delight to the eye, these tiles can be maintained clean by simply vacuuming and sweeping or mopping occasionally because they are impervious to water, stains, and scratches making them parents’ best friends.

Ditch the wall(s) to enjoy the seasons

One of the biggest perks of this 2020 trend is the opportunity to be closer to the outdoor and you will not achieve that by simply looking through your windows. Depending on the structural opportunities, the view, and your budget, you should consider ditching one or more solid walls and installing glass walls instead. 

Proper heating and ventilation are a must in the entire house, so it goes the same for this outdoor room but just try to imagine sipping your morning coffee in a comfy chair while the rest of the house is quiet and looking at the snowflakes softly melting as they land on your backyard tile flooring. And you won’t be trying to catch a glimpse through the window but instead, you would be watching through the surface of the entire wall while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your exterior room.

Many aspects of life have changed throughout the years so it’s no wonder that architecture and design are constantly evolving and pushing the limits of conventional. If you can skillfully combine it, there is no reason to separate the interior and exterior in the way you had done before and hide away from the seasons and natural light. It is the cold and the heat that we need protection from and not the view. Mixing interior and exterior will be a huge trend in 2020 so if you are planning a renovation, you should consider including it.

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