5 Surviving Tips for Organizing a Perfect Wedding Reception

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When your big day is coming up, you want everything to be exactly like you’ve dreamt of for years. As lovely as that may sound to somebody who doesn’t have to deal with the preparations, it’s likely that you’re under tremendous amounts of stress, trying to make everything work and plan every detail. If you don’t even know where to start with orchestrating your reception, you shouldn’t despair, as you’re probably just in need of some good advice. Here are some useful tips to help you make your day special for everybody involved.

Be Flexible with the Date

Setting the date for your wedding is the first thing you should do, as you’ll need to know when you want to book the venue, the musicians, or the caterers, to name a few. First, decide on the season, as fall and winter weddings can be just as amazing as spring and summer ones, but a bit more affordable. Similarly, getting married on a Sunday instead of on a Saturday can provide you with a better choice of venues, as Saturdays are often booked for a year in advance, sometimes even longer. If you don’t fixate on one date only, you’ll find it far less complicated to get some of the things you truly want for your wedding, and perhaps even at a better price.

Consider Food and Drink

Keeping your guests happy won’t really be possible if they’re hungry or thirsty, so make sure that there’s plenty to eat at any point of the reception. Bear in mind that some of your guests will arrive from other cities and that they might be hungry even as the ceremony starts. This is why it’s essential that they’re served some appetizers or snacks between the ceremony and the dinner, as well as that there are plenty of different beverages at their disposal all through the day, both chilled and at room temperature. Also, if you expect the party to last and your guests to stay late, there should be enough snacks for anybody who gets puckish after dinner. As far as the menu for the dinner goes, make it your mission to learn if any of your guests have food restrictions or allergies so that the caterer can present you with adequate meal options for everybody. Finally, opt for meals prepared with fresh and local produce. For example, if you’re Australian and your reception isn’t too formal, you shouldn’t shy away from putting traditional barbecued snags, chicken parm, or seafood on the menu, or serving some mango, papaya, or pineapple.

Choose the Photographer Wisely

When picking a photographer and a videographer you’re likely to be focused on the location for the wedding, as you’ll want a place that reflects your personality and that offers some significant context. For instance, Australians might want an ocean view for their wedding photos. Finding a reliable and highly experienced wedding videographer in Sydney will definitely enable them to have that. However, the best ones will also be as discrete as they are efficient throughout the reception, catching some of the highlights of the evening without being obtrusive and even noticeable. When there are no large video cameras and other equipment in sight, your guests will be relaxed and behave naturally, having the best time, so that you end up with the best possible photos and videos to remember your wedding day by.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Guests

Wedding A young wedding couple is being photographed in front of the river

Paying attention to certain details can make your reception a more successful one and have your guests enjoy it to the fullest. Therefore, you should ensure that there are enough parking spots for everybody, but also that there is a clean and secluded place for changing a baby’s diapers or that the smokers have a designated spot so that they feel comfortable and welcome without disturbing the non-smokers. Be careful with the sitting arrangements, so that people can be near those they get along well with. This contributes to the general tone of the party, as does leave enough room between tables for dancing or mingling. Don’t seat the older guests near the blasting speakers and try to keep everybody in the reception room. This means that any fun additions to your wedding, such as a chocolate fountain, a photo booth, or interesting party tricks are in the reception room so that people aren’t inclined to leave it.

Leave Time Between Key Moments

It’s only logical that you want every distinct part of your wedding day to be memorable. From the ceremony to the bridal dance to cutting the cake and speeches, you want everything to run smoothly and without any delays. This is perfectly fine. Plan exactly when you’ll make a toast or when you’ll toss your bouquet, but don’t rush things too much. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, but without feeling as if they’re on a tight schedule, without enough fun time in between the major moments of the day. Providing your guests with plenty of time to chat, dance, or merely chill on the balcony or in the garden for a while, away from all the commotion, can be a huge atmosphere enhancement. Yes, you want to maintain control over the event, but you don’t want to be too rigid in doing so.

When a wedding reception seems like an impossible thing to plan and you feel like you’re in over your head, take a deep breath, step away from it for a moment and then try following these smart tips to make your reception the ideal one for you and your guests.

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