6 Off-Grid ‘Survival Wardrobe’ Pieces That Will Last Forever

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Off-grid living or at least spending some time away from the city bustle, has become more popular in the past few years. There are many reasons: some people prefer the nature and peace that come with it, while others want to test their limits by changing their surroundings. So whether you want a true lifestyle change, or you simply want some time away, here are some must-have survival wardrobe pieces that you’ll need to get if you want to go off-grid for a bit. 

1. A pair of quality footwear

Going off-grid is impossible without a pair of quality footwear. Whether we’re talking about mountaineering boots, hiking boots, or something lighter, like minimalist hiking shoes, it’s essential to make sure that your footwear is made of quality and durable materials. Off-grid also means having to deal with unpredictable weather conditions, and what you have on your feet can help you feel safe and comfortable. 

2. A jacket or a hoodie to keep you warm 

It’s impossible to enjoy the wilderness without having a piece of clothes that will keep you warm. Leather is, therefore, not the best decision as it’s heavy and requires a lot of maintenance. Instead, it’s better to opt for synthetic fabrics, such as Gortex or Polar fleece. These have been proven to work, and they’re your best and safest bet if you want to spend some time outdoors. Also, if you’re looking for a quality winter coat, try to find one filled with real down, as this material is especially insulating. You will be safe from low temperatures no matter where you decide to go.

3. Quick-dry, synthetic underwear

If you’re considering an RV trip in the wilderness, then make sure to bring enough underwear pieces made of synthetic, quick-dry materials. They’ll definitely last longer while protecting your regular pants in the process. Also, wool socks are a must if you’re aiming to keep your feet warm throughout the whole experience. Besides, wool socks work best with heavier footwear, such as hiking boots. 

4. Accessories that have an actual purpose

Sure, the majority of accessories exist to spruce up the outfit and add an element of stylishness. When you’re going off-grid, then that’s probably the last thing on your mind. However, there are some accessories that you might benefit from. Things like a slim carbon wallet will keep your money and credit cards safe until you decide to get back to the city. You still need to bring your personal documents and money, as you’ll certainly need them at one point. So keeping your valuables safe should be your priority when going off-grid. Also, since we’re talking about accessories, don’t forget about a carry-all bag, as you’ll surely need it!

5. A piece of warm, protective headwear

You’ll need to protect your head from potential snow, rain, and cold. Of course, a jacket with a hood is a must, but an additional piece of headwear can be of great help. Knit beanie is always a great place to start, plus it does look stylish when you choose the right model in the suitable color. If you’re going to spend time outdoors, in the heat, then be sure to bring a sun hat with a neck flap that will keep you protected from direct sunlight and heat. 

6. A pair of pants that are functional and durable

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You’ll bring a pair or two of pants, that’s for sure. Jeans might be the obvious suggestion, but they’re not always the most comfortable option. On the other hand, cargo pants or lined ski pants might be a better fit, especially if you’re already too used to wearing them in your day-to-day life. Remember that the more functional and durable your pants, the more comfortable you will feel, which is what matters. 


These wardrobe pieces will help you survive the harshest weather conditions. When you choose an off-grid experience, whether permanently or temporarily, you’ll have to make sure that you’re safe, warm, and above comfortable. Therefore, don’t forget to do your research regarding the best cuts and materials, so you’ll be able to choose the best clothing pieces for your next off-grid adventure. 


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