8 Useful Tips to Organize Hassle free party

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For a host, throwing a party is always not a party. You have to do so many arrangements. From greeting guests to having abundant food, you are worried about everything. You are in pressure while working the room to make every guest feel special. From planning to the end of the party, you feel pressure and have no fun in the party you have thrown.           

However, having fun at the party you have thrown is not completely off while playing the role of the hostess. Here are some useful tips to have fun at the party you are hosting:

1. Get the required support

You may have invited your family members and friends at your home for the celebration. However, it does not mean that you are the only responsible person for the party preparation. You will have an idea who is an expert in what. Suppose that your mummy is good at making salsa. Ask her for making salsa. Request a friend to prepare a delicious cocktail if he knows it well. In brief, you should ask your friends and family members for help in the party preparation.

2. Personalize the decoration and items to be used in the party

Personalization makes your party unique. You can personalize your party from the decoration to food items by using custom labels on water bottles, beer/wine bottles, etc. These labels will have an inscription of party message and the name of the person for whom the party is organized.   

3. Keep your party simple

Some of the occasions are more formal, but not all of them. You can keep the party, you are throwing at your home, casual. With this, your job as a host becomes more comfortable for you. Keep your daily routine simple and schedule your party tasks many days ahead of the event. Streamline your tasks by categorizing them as a chore, shopping, and decor lists. With this, you can save your time and effort, as you don’t need to go to the market or call the respective persons for a thing again and again. 

4. Keep nothing on hold

Being prepared for everything your guests may need will help you have fun at your party apart from being its host. Place all the plates, cutlery, glasses, and serving tools at the right place. Do pre-pouring of beverages. Ask your guests for brewing their own coffee by installing the coffee machine at the plain sight. Place extra rolls of toilet paper in bathrooms. In brief, you should keep no work on hold if you want to have fun at the party you are hosting.

5. Invite the right people

Inviting everyone to the party is not good. You should avoid being responsible for ensuring that there is someone to talk to everyone. Avoid sending invitations to your friends who are quiet and do not love competition. You can call them simply for dinner.

6. Plan cleaning in advance

You will surely not live in the moment while hosting your party if you are stressed about how you will manage cleaning as the party ends and guests leave your place. To fight this tendency, set practical expectations for the cleaning process in advance. For instance, you will go to bed after rinsing dishes in the sink even if you know that the party would run late at night. You can ask your close friends or family members to support you in the cleaning process. 

7. Include some of your favorite elements in the party

As a host, it is hard to enjoy and have fun at each moment of the party. However, you can shift your mind to the parts of your party that will be the most enjoyable and fun for your guests. You should add your favorite cocktail and dishes to your party menu. Besides, you can prepare a list of songs to be played during the event. Ask your guests to play your favorite games with you.

8. Choose a supportive hand

During the party, you have to take care of things and be ready to tackle problems if they arise. It does not mean that you have a bad time at the party you are throwing. You can ask one of your close friends or loved ones to be there if any problem arises during the event. After finding the right person to tackle the issue, you can come back to enjoy the party.


You have the right to have fun at the part you are going to host. For this, you need to be careful. By planning your party in advance and making all arrangements properly, you will have enough time on the event day for having fun and enjoyment. You can double your enjoyment and fun by appointing the right person to tackle problems during the event.    

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  1. Zoe Campos

    Thank you for suggesting that I could use extra hands in organizing the kind of party I have in mind. My dad is coming home for the first time in five years, so everyone in the family is excited to meet him. We’re planning to throw a huge party to celebrate his arrival, so it’s really helpful to know that I can do personalization to make it more unique and to make it more about my father’s homecoming. I might also rent some party equipment to make sure that the event will be alive and running until late midnight.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing these outstanding tips.

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