First Time Camper: What to Pack for a Hunting/Camping Trip

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When you are camping for the first time, it can be difficult to figure what to pack for an improved experience. So, what should you pack if you want to survive in the wild – where birds and bees aren’t your only problem? What will allow you to camp and hunt like a pro? Well, this article will help you out.

The Hunting Gear

Hunting is not just about picking out a gun and shooting at your target; it takes more gear than you’d originally think. That being said, here is what you have to pack for the hunt during your camping trip:

  • Weapons

Obviously, you can’t hunt without a weapon – but you also need to choose your gear carefully. If you are hunting with a group and are in the lead, then you must have the right rifle – such as a proper AR 15, for example. These work well when it comes to short-range and long-range targets, which means that you will have more chances to capture some proper game.

  • Maps & Compass

Granted, all of us are using phone apps nowadays – but what if you are hunting in an area where the signal is scarce? Or what if you run out of battery? This is why it is necessary that you also pack actual maps. In a survival situation, this may actually turn out to be crucial. This will help you discover where the game is, and it can also be a lifesaver for you if you get lost.

Just don’t forget to also bring a compass with you as well. Those two go hand in hand, mostly because they will allow you to point out your location and direction.

  • Scent Eliminators and Attractors

As you probably know, animals have a pretty good scent – which is why, if you are not careful enough, they can find you before you even manage to find them. You obviously don’t want to become the one who is being hunted – so, you may want to bring something that can mask your scent.

At the same time, if you already know where your game is, you can use scent attractors. This way, when you are in positions, you can release the scent and get the animal closer to you. It will improve your odds at getting a better shot at your game.

  • Route Marking Tape

When you are camping, hunting – and overall, going off the beaten track – there is a very high chance that you might get lost. For this reason, you might want to bring some blaze orange tape that you can see from a distance. This way, it will be much easier for you to find your way to camp after a long day of good hunting.

  • Hunting Clothes

When you choose what to wear, make sure that the clothing is suitable for hunting. Opt for those clothes that closely hug your body – and not the baggy ones that flop excessively in the wind. This will give your position away immediately to your game – and depending on what you are hunting, you may either scare them off or attract them to you. The latter might put you in danger if the wrong animal sniffs you out.

Also, considering that you can’t know what terrain you bump into, make sure that the layers are insulated. Quality hunting boots and jackets should also be an investment – and make sure that everything you are wearing is very comfortable. Hunting trips might be relatively long – and the wrong apparel can make your road to the campsite seem never-ending.

The Camping Gear

Furthermore, you need to ensure that your overnight bag is packed with everything you might need for survival. If you are a first-time camper, here’s what you will need to check:

  • The Sleeping Quarters

Since you’ll be surrounded by wildlife, you need to ensure that you’re not only comfortable but also protected. Therefore, make sure that you have a sturdy tent, a good tent footprint, a proper foam ground pad, and a quality sleeping bag. In case you’ll be using a campervan, it’s important that you secure your trailer with a proper towbar.

  • Utensils

You’ll be staying overnight there – so, if you want to survive, you must make sure that you’ll have the means to actually cook your food. Portable stove, knives, and other cooking supplies are essential.

  • Water Jugs and Filters

Let’s say that you do pack some water – but from all that cooking and cleaning yourself (plus drinking), it runs out. In this case, you might want to pack a water filter. This way, if you camp near a river or water source, you’ll have some means of cleaning up that water. Some water purification tablets might not be a bad idea either in case of an emergency.

  • Warm Clothes

Many people fail to bring clothes that are warm enough, simply because they put all their trust in their sleeping bags. However, sleeping bags don’t make you warm; they keep you warm and hold the temperature. Therefore, if you go to sleep freezing, it’s likely that not even a good sleeping bag will be able to warm you up.

This is why you need to bring warm socks and clothing – and warm up by the fire before you enter your sleeping bag. This way, you should be able to stay warm throughout the entire night.

  • Survival Kit

This is likely one of the main things that you should not leave at home – and the one that most campers seem to forget. This survival kit should include first-aid items such as bandages or medicine for an emergency situation, but also useful tools such as flashlights and multi-purpose tools.

Wrap Up

When you are hunting/camping, it is crucial that you pack the right gear. Not only will this make your camping trip much more comfortable – but it can also be life-saving in a survival situation.

So, take out your pen, and make sure that all the items above are checked out. You may want to travel as light as possible – but when your life and comfort are on the line, you should go the extra mile.

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