How Did Medicine Improve Female Sports Life?

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The progress of medicine and technology-enabled women to participate and even perform exceptionally well in sports activities that were once reserved for men only. Back in the day, the anatomy of the female body restrained women from taking part in all chores involving physical strength, fitness, skill, and endurance. With their gentle build, women were believed to be the weaker sex, leaving both mentally and physically difficult tasks for men to do. However, the situation changed drastically over the years.

Today, scientists emphasize new findings according to which men have seemingly become more sensitive to environmental circumstances than women. Female emancipation and independence have lead women, sometimes even unwillingly, to be in situations to do everything themselves. Not just that life circumstances have given them both mental and physical strength to compete with men in all life spheres, but medicine has also helped them to deal with biological or health obstacles on the road. In the past few years, women have made the biggest breakthrough in various sports. Here are some factors that influenced female empowerment.

Healthy Diet

Medical development has made a huge impact on new findings when it comes to nutrition as well. It is made clear that our lifestyles and health greatly depends on the way we eat. By carefully planning our meals and combining the right groceries, we can lose or gain weight in a healthy way, get extra energy and even deal with some health problems.

Taking their meals for granted, women used to have a lot of problems with their weight, and consequently, they even suffered from eating disorders a lot more than men. However, in the past few years, the media has started spreading awareness about the unhealthy role models presented by the media and fashion industries. Along with that, healthy eating habits and exercising have become go-to parts of leading a better life, which has made a great change when it comes to female participation in sports activities.

Not only are women are encouraged to become more active generally, but they also got other healthier, fitness role models on social media. They started getting information on how to prepare their meals in healthy ways, how to find time for exercising, and how to encourage their children to follow their healthy ways. In addition, it got easier to get information about some necessary supplementation, especially for athletes. As sometimes our bodies lack proteins and vitamins, which we can’t take in sufficient quantities through our diet, it’s a good idea to make up for that through supplementation.

Also, it is a good reminder not to take everything we read for granted. Without professional help or advice, women, more frequently than men, get on gluten-free or carb-free diets, which can affect their health and quite frequently lead to lack of energy or other health issues. Before taking any serious steps in changing one’s diet, it is very important, especially for young girls, to ask for professional help.

Plastic surgery

In the past, a lot of women were prevented from achieving great results in sports, or even leading an active lifestyle due to some body issues. Women with big breasts face a lot more difficulties than just the obvious, aesthetic ones.

Apart from having bad body posture, they tend to have quite severe back problems, as well as problems with excessive sweating and skin rash. Plastic surgery has gone a long way to help women who had problems with the size or sag of their breasts. Fortunately, breast reduction is a fairly simple procedure nowadays, and it’s a routine way to adjust breast size for more comfort or aesthetic appeal based on the patient’s body. This simple operation has helped women to become professional athletes or to choose any other profession requiring physical activity. Implants also help in cases of other sports injuries, which were once fatal to one’s athletic career.    

Health issues

Children, both male, and female used to be advised not to do sports as they were suspected of having some chronic disease. Today, thanks to the progress made in medical and pharmaceutical industries, a lot of diseases can be controlled by regular therapy. Combined with the right therapy, medication, and diet, a lot of famous athletes have managed to overcome their health obstacles and achieve great results.

Although being more encouraged than before to participate in all sports equally at school, the statistics show that girls still fall behind when it comes to participation in athletic activities from the age of six to the age of eighteen. A belief that some sports are reserved for men and make female body look unattractive is still widespread, which discourages teenage girls from doing them.

Reading articles online or following TV shows and programs about famous women in sports can help young girls to overcome social obstacles and prejudice. For example, the number of girls playing soccer has drastically increased as the media started broadcasting female soccer tournaments and writing articles about famous female soccer players. Similarly, after the huge success of “Million Dollar Baby” movie, a lot more girls became interested in boxing and martial arts in general. So, apart from medical help, girls might still need some additional push from the media, when it comes to encouragement in fulfilling their dreams.   

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