How Long Will Your Survival Flashlight Last? Our Best Recommendations

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The right survival flashlight is essential for any survival kit for your family’s safety and survival especially when your power lines are out after a disaster. You should keep two types of flashlights in your survival kit, one should be very bright and the other long lasting.

 Bright flashlights come in handy when you need to be outside in the dark quickly without much preparation. You can see far and wide into the distance and get a pretty good idea of where you’re going even without knowing the terrain too well. Long-lasting flashlights are best used for indoor activities or around the campsite.

Led Flashlights

Led flashlights(similar to this one) are highly recommended for an emergency kit since they have longer battery life compared to a traditional incandescent bulb flashlight. Led flashlights is more suitable to be used indoors or within a camp site since their light is not so bright but if your thinking of survival longer battery life and power are the main things to consider.

Incandescent Bulb Flashlights

These flashlights tend to consume batteries faster than LED lights but are generally brighter which is useful in case you need to evacuate or survive outdoors so don’t count it out of your survival kit.

Recommended Flashlights

Flashlights have a lot of purposes. You may want a dim flashlight to use for map reading or other close up purposes without giving away your position because of over brightness. Some people may also need a bright and wide illuminating flashlight  for beams that go a wider range and longer distance for searching purposes. Check this guide to find your preferred flashlight. We’ve also included links to amazon in case you want to add this equipment on your survival kit:

·         Streamlight UltraStinger

This is a powerful flashlight that can throw out a spot beam of 29 lumens (quantifies how much light gets to the object you are illuminating) with its bulb capacity of 75,000 candelas or candle power (quantifies how much light the bulb itself produces). If you are looking to store a powerful flashlight that can be used for outdoors this could be the number one choice for you.

·         Humvee HMV-40MIL-110

This is the brightest flashlight available in the market today with 40 million candle power. Although this flashlight may not be too useful in a indoor survival situation this is very effective

·         Surefire LX2 LumaMax

One of the best LED tactical flashlights available in the market today. This flashlight is compact with virtually indestructible LED emitter. This flashlight can provide 200 lumens of high output for 2 hours. This is a good choice for LED backup lights in your emergency kit.

·         Fenix TK40

This flashlight is the best survival flashlight available today. By using eight 1.5v AA batteries it can maintain an excellent constant brightness with different output modes that are useful for a variety of survival situation. These are some of its output modes: 4 types of primary output: Turbo (630 Lumens, 2Hrs), Low (13 Lumens, 150Hrs), Mid (93 Lumens, 20Hrs), High (277 Lumens, 6.8Hrs) -4 types of strobe: Strobe, Slow flash, SOS, Fast flash

Watch this video for a guide on flashlights for survival:

Tips in Storing Flashlights for Emergency Storage

·         Choose Flashlights that Use Common Batteries

Choosing to store emergency flashlights (great choices on Amazon) that use common batteries will make it easier for you to replace the batteries in case their juice runs out. The two most common battery sizes are the “AA” and “D” battery cells, so it’s best to store a D-cell and an AA-cell flashlight in your survival kit.

You have to remember that batteries also go bad and they start leaking out acid. You have to regularly check on your stored batteries and replace them if necessary. It’s good to store your batteries in separate plastic bags so the acid will be contained when it leaks. One good thing to consider is storing your flashlights without battery in them to damage from leaking batteries.

·         AA-Cell Emergency Flashlight Alternative

For AA-cell flashlights there is a way that you can store them a lot longer without the need to change batteries with the use of Lithium AA batteries. Although these batteries are expensive they are less prone to leaking and can be stored for up to 2 years.

Bonus Video – How to make a 2-battery flashlight work with only one battery

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