How to Find Adventure When You Travel

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If you like travelling, chances are you also love adventure and you try to combine the best of both worlds each time you travel. The feeling that overwhelms you as soon as you leave your comfort zone is the one of anticipation of something great that will happen to you. Hopefully, you’ll get what you want and there will be memories to last for years to come.

But how do you experience adventure while away from home? Does it have to be planned? What should you do? These and many more questions pop up each time someone who wishes to have a holiday with a twist decides to do something adventurous. Let’s see what those experienced adventure-seekers have to say about it.


One of the most important elements of every adventure is the destination you choose. Depending on what you’d like to experience, you might opt for anything from a metropolis, such as Tokyo or New York, to a Bedouin camp in a desert or to Dumaguete City in Philippines. Find a place that makes your heart beat a bit faster when you think about it and do your research. Look at what other people have said about the place and the activities they undertook there and you should have a good idea about what to expect.

Alone or not?

Again, this largely depends on your character and the type of holiday you’re after. While many claim the most adventurous holidays were those they went on alone, it’s generally accepted that the excitement and joy are even greater if you have someone to share them with. However, it’s important that those people feel the same about the particular adventure as you do. Otherwise, you might have a holiday from hell. Broadly speaking, you need people who are open-minded and easy-going if you want your trip to be a success.

Getting there

The journey can also be a great adventure. If you’re brave enough to exploit different means of transportation, you might get a chance to start your adventure as soon as you leave your home. It might take a bit longer or involve changing the types of transport, but you can count on meeting more people and possibly having much more fun. Of course, if you’re pressed for time, that is not the smartest option, but those who can afford to spend an extra day or so travelling should definitely entertain the idea.

Taking action

Adventures happen only to those who allow it. So, jump off the plane (but don’t forget a parachute), hike the Appalachian Trail or get one of the classy Japanese tattoos and you’ll definitely live through something you’ll remember. Nothing exciting will happen to you if you don’t leave your room. It’s only by being proactive that we can experience something amazing and unique.

What to do?

This is actually very important and requires some planning. Many people hold a common misconception that an adventure only occurs spontaneously. Nothing can be further from the truth. You do need to keep an open mind if you want to have a great time, but many things can and should be planned ahead. Let’s say you wish to climb a mountain and you’ve never done that. Do you think it’s enough to simply get a plane ticket to the closest airport? Don’t you think you should get in shape beforehand and find a group of mountaineers that would accept your company?

Food and drinks

Though it may not sound very adventurous, you’d be surprised to learn that some of the best adventures actually include sampling local food and drinks. Again, you have to be ready to go outside your comfort zone and try something you’ve never thought you’d try, but it can easily turn out to be one of the best things you do while on holiday.


Avoid tourist traps

Though many sites around the world attract a huge number of people every year, it doesn’t mean they provide what you’re looking for. So, instead of limiting your itinerary only to the most famous attractions, explore some roads less travelled. The world is truly great, both in terms of size and what it has to offer and you should definitely try to see as much of it as possible. Luckily, the Internet will provide you with all the necessary information about your next trip, no matter how obscure the destination might be.

Basically, we can say that the best adventures happen to those who not only keep an open mind but who also actively seek adventure. With a bit of planning and careful preparation, you might find just the right destination and activities, which will make your holiday unforgettable. The whole experience can be enhanced if you have the right person or people with you, but they have to share your enthusiasm and look for the same thing. If these conditions are met, you stand very good chances of finding adventure when you travel.


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