How to Increase Your Strength and Agility Through Fitness

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Going to the gym and building muscles doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically get stronger and build agility in the process. You should do a variety of exercises, as that will help you build agility and explosiveness, and increase your performance in other activities as well. Also, exercises that build agility can also help you prevent future injuries. The main points you should work on are your core, hips, and leg strength, as that’s where the speed and explosiveness originate from. Stay on this page if you want to learn how to increase your strength and agility and reap all the benefits of the following exercises.

Power clean

This is one of the most versatile Olympic lifts for gym-goers. It’s a full-body movement exercise that will improve your body composition, strength, and power. The initial lift and later “catch” position will activate a wide range of muscles, including your back, glutes, hamstrings, abdominals, squads, and so on. It improves your anaerobic endurance, grip strength, boosts balance, and burn a lot of calories, among others. If you’re playing any sports that require explosiveness, this exercise can certainly help you improve. You can supplement your martial arts training with this exercise and enjoy all the benefits.

Box jumps

One of the main exercises in plyometrics, box jumps will help you burn calories, improve your endurance, strength, and coordination, and train your body’s stability and mobility. This exercise helps you activate all of your leg muscles and strengthen your core. You’ll increase the size and strength of your legs by engaging your calves, glutes, hamstrings, quads, etc. For even better results, you can add some ankle or wrist weights. They are a great exercise that also fosters a competitive spirit. You can join a boot camp in Melbourne, or basically anywhere in the world, and have a small competition to see who can last the most. You will push yourself to your limits and have fun doing that!

Ladder drills

These exercises are a great way to warm up your body, as it increases your heart rate, warms up the muscles and ligaments and improves reaction time. They’re also good if you want to practice general footwork, to build your calves and are exceptional for multi-planar movement training. All of this will help you get stronger legs, which will improve your agility and speed. There’s a variety of ladder drills you can do, so they’re pretty fun and will keep you amused while working out. A great thing about this exercise is that you don’t have to do it in the gym. You can take your exercises outside and enjoy breathing in some fresh air while working out.

Lateral plyometric jumps

Just by using your weigh, this exercise will help you build dynamic power, coordination, and balance. Most people focus on forwarding motion, but it is important to generate power and stability during lateral movements as well. These exercises will improve your overall hip, knee, and ankle joint stability, which will reduce the risk of injuries. If you want to go one step further into increasing your strength, agility, and power, then you should try jumping, landing, standing, and squatting on only one leg. Your stability and balance will improve greatly.

Tuck jumps

This exercise is an advanced version of the squat jump and it will be a real challenge to your body. These jumps require a high amount of energy, as you need to jump high enough to pull the legs into your body. That’s why it’s a great exercise if you want to burn a lot of calories as well. It will strengthen and tone your lower body, lift your booty, and get rid of belly fat. The amazing thing is that it’s usually done with just your body weight, so you don’t need any additional equipment. Meaning that you can do it outdoors, on a vacation, or when the gym is crowded.

These exercises are perfect if you want to improve your performance in team sports. You need well-developed core muscles and your lower body strength. To accomplish that, you need to lose excess fat. That’s where these exercises come into the spotlight, as they’ll help you burn a lot of calories and get rid of belly fat. If you don’t know where to start, you can use the ones mentioned here, or you can opt for any plyometric exercise and see the effects for yourself.

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